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3D T-shirt by graffiti designer Peeta.
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Is it printed 3D or is 3D as so you can touch it 
dope... I wonder if he's in the same crew as DAIM 
I guess the apparent shadows "cast" by the blue and white thing are actually printed on there.
Some material not painted on  the shirt but on little differance.
Is it fake!? Of not I want one!! 
Aaron L
F*#king Bad ass! where can i get 1, seriously
i think it will painful to her girlfriend .....  when she hug him     :)
Like the shirt?  How to order?  Need it for slinky-hunting
I may be weird, but I really like graffiti. Is it just me or have the graffiti artists of late been not that great. I see trains go by a lot, but I don't see really pretty or interesting graffiti anymore. Anyway, the 3-D shirt is awesome!
can put a 6 pack and rock hard pecks on them and send me 6???
oooh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL
that is an awesome shirt :D i would so buy it for my brother (if i had the money) LOL
that is awesome and I SO want one!
That's great, what will they think of next?????? =^.^=
peeta? like from hunger games? :D
i thought of peeta from the hunger games too! 
cool!!!!!!!! i want one
I want that shirt. I WILL have that shirt before I die.
The wrinkles on the shirt coupled with the lack thereof on the blue and white design shows that this is not actually printed on the shirt but something attached to the front. Who wants to walk around with that?
if a girl wore that shirt would it make it 4D? lolololol
Mkab -
I want one ware can I get one.
wow that's differnt but kind of cool.
My Goodness, Concept Supreme!
Has anyone ever herd of the term:

"They swallowed it hook, line and sinker"

Well if you have not and your wondering what it's referring to, I have good news for you. I can give you a great example. It's referring to some one like yourself that believes any thing they are shown or told.

Even though the shirt has deep creases and shadows (look closely) the image on top of the shirt does not. That's impossible. If you wrinkle a shirt it also wrinkles the image on it.

Now go to Google and look up 3D Teeshirts. Take a look at what is the state of the art finished product today. Doesn't look any thing like the one shown here.

As W.C. Fields said. There's one born every minute. :-)

i nnnneeeeeeeeeddddddd one of those
Oh Peeta.. First he fights to the death and wins, then he makes out with the girl he's liked since kindergarten, and now THIS?!! Is there anything he can't do?
That is awesome dude sat wat last comment gotta love whatcha got
O.k, I knew Peeta baked bread. But now he designs 3-D graffiti Shirts?! 
it looks like its popping out of his chest! AMAZING!
That actually looks painful
Cool! I would like a shirt like that!
very interesting t-shirt! iiii  lik it
That is so cool. I want one for myself and Iam sure that everyone would if they could see it. Well, at least I think they would.!
3D  huh wow can i get one wheer obama pulls his head out of his ass
it sure look like it's popping out of his chest(nice)
that is so tough......awesome on so many levels..........................................levels say in high voice, lol
I really want that shirt, It seems really awesome
i didn't really see at first.but a better  looking at it i  see.very awwwsome.
it looks like you have man boobies lol nice shirt by the way
Looks a christmas bow wrapped on a gift
That's false it can't be 3D... Look at the folds, the "3D" image does not fit with it, only the blue logo is part of the T-shirt. The rest has been added -_-
sweet do they make those in girl style : 0
coolio :) is it in stores? is it expensive? and most importantly...does it come in PINK? <3
Who can I talk to regarding ordering this??? Pls let me know.
i didnt know that someones name was actually Peeta..... But the shirt is cool too :)
Wait, The Hunger Games Peeta???? If not, that's still an AWESOME name and cool tee
sick as fuck! i vant one!
Now thats pretty cool hehehhhehehehehehehe
peeta lmao
This will work only under certain viewing angles and lightnings...
Want one... Maybe with hearts... 
The dejiin is vary coollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.
:o I actually though it was something they sstuck to the shirt somehow O.O xD
supear design yaar......................
blue is a better back round but cool shirt otherwise  
WHOA THE GUY'S NAME IS PEETA! i once made a pillow in school and the guy who packed it was named Gale!! THAT SHIRT IS EPICNESS
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