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What is your wish? The most cherished desire...
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i wish for more wishes
i wish RedVines tasted good :D
I always do this when I was a kid till I grow up, but it weren't turn to reality... ;-(
I think a dinosaur's wish sort of backfired.
Hey Look! A shooting star! I wish my noisy neighbors would disappear..
jeis g
Yeah, after last night/this morning! Ditto.
I wish I couldn't feel pain... Physical and mental
Jason, im pretty sure you can feel pain. like if i punched you in da face, would you feel it???
huh... 'pain' is inevitable...... without it's presence our happiness hasn't the real charm...
I wish everyone can live happily in there life
Yeah, that's why I'm wishing I couldn't feel it
I'd wish for a magical bag that I could pull anything out of it. Money, cars, a bigger house, anything!
oh i thought u said, i wish i COULD feel it. i was quite confuzzled. just get like 12 shots of Novocaine, that'll stop the physical part of it 
that was to jason
Hahaha wow ally just wow
I wish that meteorite would'nt hit me.
I wish ...... I will not wait more
I wish I wasn't a hopeless romantic..</3
I wish there was no such thing as The Illuminati D:
Wish bullying was a wiped off the face of the Earth..
i wish i will meet ed sheeran some day
I wish cancer was a thing of the past.  Like polio.
- I wish for more wishes
- That's against the rules!
- I wish for more falling stars, then...
I wish I could be accepted by everyone. :)
A life full of happiness 
Wish it was alot easier to find out who's fake on here.. :( bummer
another one , mine already came true!
I wish that Gods will be done on earth as it is in heaven
i wish for nothing. all the pain, chaos, love, and beauty mixed together is what makes life what it is. and while we can't always see the balance, it is there, and it's what makes this life worthwhile.
I wish there is no any kind of cancer, no any kind of abuse or violence, no wars, and death only at deep old age...i wish more love on it possible?
for myself i wish to find the purpose of life...
A phone. Everyone has a phone but me. And i fell left out all the time. And my parents will trust me more with one too.
I wish for a nice bf over the school year
that would be soo akward if  a guy +1 the comment above
Wish gay marriage wasnt a hassel. Wish people would think it's normal.
I wish I was half a ft taller I'm so short!!!
I wish for the asteroid to hit my neighbor's house.
For everyone to chill out & just Breathe.....
Im sorry for ur loss +Adina Stefan
I wished for health and happiness for everyone
Omg I wanna meet 1D soooo badly!!!
+Adina Stefan  sometimes bad things happen in life and all you need to do is get over it and get on with your life, then you'll be happy! :)
Mine worked some couple years ago I wish for an Xbox 360 and now I have one ....... Coinsadince I think NOT 
I wish I have much" money.. ‎​​آمِّين 
i wish my stalker neighbors would have MORE neighbors stalking them ^.^
I wish for wealth and prosperity
I wish to marry one member of one direction.
i wish for a great life with no problems,worry,and hate. lots of love
i wish that when i confess my love to her she wont reject me
i wish that all my wishes will come true..:)
I WISH (one direction song) I COUND MEET ___ _______ IN PERSON
meaningless wishes like meeting 1D and money, be thankful for what you have. Wish for no bullying, or world peace, or no hungry ppl, wish for those that dont have what we have right now and no haters!
Wish to see my daughter ever day
haha now none of your wishes are not gonna come true
i wish to see my older sis everyday
i wish for £100,000,000.
then i could buy happiness :D
Have my self a computer with best gaming graphics including intel hd 3000 or GMA X4500 MHD.
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