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This one was rough. The moving object is supposed to be a square, yet it is only made up of independently-moving lines. Took me a couple tries to figure out what they were aiming for...
Our eyes aren't lazy; our brains are restless. Based on what the eyes saw an alternate reality was created by the brain.
Is it just me or there is nothing really that amazing here????
It really is amazing. With the four yellow squares covering the screen, the white lines appear to be a square circling clockwise; but remove the yellow squares, and it's revealed that the lines are unconnected and the movement is disjointed, with two of them moving back and forth in one direction, and the other two moving back and forth in the other direction. They're no longer a square moving around in a circle. When the yellow squares cover the screen again, our brains disregard what they just saw without the yellow squares, and we see the white square circling again.
Enrique I was right with you for a few minutes but it is quite amazing and i thought they were actually changing the background video for a second. big deal. Each pair of (opposing) lines move in unison (back and forth). The four (4) yellow squares just hide the relationship between the two (2) pairs. Think of two pistons, then look again.
read the text first.....not even for once could visualize squares moving :(
I don't see this one as being "amazing", it's simple - we don't know what's behind the yellow squares, so we assume the four lines are joined up. When it's revealed that the lines aren't joined up, our minds are supposed to be blown.

I'm not saying I could have come up with it and it's a neat trick, but it's not amazing or baffling or anything like that.
that's why it's an illusion--the lines are doig the same thing.
This one isnt even "wow my mind tricked me" this was "i couldnt see the corners, and oh boy, they actually werent there hurrdurr
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