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Shayna Gentiluomo
Peripatetically, briefly yet fulsomely, this Google+ explores my special relationship with darkness.
Peripatetically, briefly yet fulsomely, this Google+ explores my special relationship with darkness.

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The following pieces featured in Talk To Me have been accepted into MoMA's permanent collection. Congrats, friends!

Artificial Biological Clock
Revital COHEN (Israeli, born 1981)

Lucy from the series Back, Herebelow, Formidable (The Rebirth of Prehistoric Creatures)
Marguerite HUMEAU (French, born 1986)

Graffiti Taxonomy: New York, 2011
Graffiti Taxonomy: Paris, 2011
Evan ROTH (American, born 1978)

Mojibakeru, 2010
Shigeru ISHITSUKA (Japanese, Born 1975)
of Megahouse Corporation (Japan, est. 1962)
Misako KIRIGAYA (Japanese, Born 1985)
of Bandai Co., Ltd. (Japan, est. 1950)

Brushing Teeth, 2009
Benjamin DENNEL (French, born 1983)
of Studio B/C (France, est. 2009)

littleBits, 2008
Ayah BDEIR (Lebanese, born 1982)

Botanicalls, 2006
Robert FALUDI (American, born 1966)
Kate HARTMAN (American, born 1981)
Kati LONDON (American, born 1976)
and Rebecca BRAY (American, born 1974)
Interactive Telecommunications Program
(est. 1979)
Tisch School of the Arts (est. 1965)
New York University (USA, est. 1831)

EyeWriter, 2009
Zach Lieberman (American, born 1977)
James Powderly (American, born 1976)
Evan Roth (American, born 1978)
Chris Sugrue (American, born 1978)
TEMPT1 (American)
and Theo Watson (British, born 1981)

Tweenbot, 2009
Kacie KINZER (American, Born 1983)

Tengu, 2007
Crispin Jones (British, born 1974)

AnalogDigital Clock, 2009
Maarten BAAS (Dutch, Born Germany 1978)

Prayer Companion, 2010
Interaction Research Studio (est. 2000)
Goldsmiths (UK, est. 1891)

El Sajjadah, 2005
Soner OZENC (Turkish, Born 1980)

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This is like a David Lynch film.

So my colleague Paul's google voice just transcribed the automated emergency announcement that MoMA sent out to all staff following the earthquake and it's amazing:

"Yeah, this is a message from jersey, intelligent, Paul Galloway yahoo 25.8 earthquake with experienced in Virginia and its impact without him. Y Z. Yeah affected over and then wifey, and there are no no structural intact. Your for every one should return to their offices and continue with their daily duties. Bye. Yeah, I'll continue to monitor the situation that advises necessary. Yeah I do not evacuate the building until you are advised to yeah if you feel the Trevor again. Yeah away from any glass window and contact Security Council at 212 Yeah, 708 Yeah 94 yikes. 7. Yeah. Thank you. Bye. Yes Andrew left the following contact information, yo number 212. Yes, I'm 08, yeah 9494 yank you and good bye."

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PopRally presents: Arcade, Hosted by Kill Screen

PopRally invites you to Arcade, an interactive evening of games selected by Kill Screen and inspired by the exhibition Talk to Me. Guests can play games in a variety of spaces throughout the Museum and the Sculpture Garden, including Bit Trip Beat, Canabalt, Limbo, and a new motion-based Kinect project from Ryan Challinor and Matt Boch of Harmonix, creator of the hit music game Rock Band. Heathered Pearls (Ghostly International, ISO50) provides the soundtrack for the evening
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