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Rebuilt my dad's jukebox around Sonos. Music is now streamed and track selection is network controlled: button presses are sent over the wire.
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I expect this is what walking +Peaches von Barcadero will be like in a few years.
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While digging through some old files today I found the file of random QS slogans that used to rotate through the Blacktree website. The ones near the top appeared most often, with the ones near the bottom being significantly more random.

act without doing
ceci n'est pas un lanceur
eliminate the middleman
no safety in numbers
a better mousetrap
preemptive keystroke
launching is a gateway drug
what are you waiting for?
procrastinate faster
sleight of hand
parasitic symbiosis
universal solvent
automatic, systematic, hydromatic
just your type
wysiwyg asap
more than meets the eye
your unblinking eye
access granted
take me for granted
speak your language
read the last page first
cast away your shackles
handle with care
enter action
less is more
pull the strings
104 wishes
207.20 -> 196.97
launcher philosophorum
let go
spotlight's just not that into you
also makes julienne fries
the key is mighter
everything is an easter egg
keep your hands to yourself
in medio stat argentum
on your mark
make a wish
genie sans lamp
there are lasers. and fairy dust.
heartless executor
just show people the results
computing at the speed of thought
horizontal integration
fierce hierarchy
in this style 10/6
now watch carefully
thaumaturgical computing
wetware interface
find not. do. or do not
differential execution
judge, jury, and executor
embrace, extend, assimilate
anything, everything, now.
finder? i hardly know her...
when will then be now?
one app to rule them all
there is no spoon.
did somebody step on a dock?
where wolf?
tap this.
this one goes to eleven
this space for rent
this space intentionally left blank
faster than a speeding llama

.... I clearly had too much time on my hands.

Thanks to +Eric Casadei for coming up with many of them with me and +Patrick Robertson for inspiring me to find them.
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Maybe getting a roommate was a mistake...
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