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Beth Soderberg and 2 others were tagged in Mel Choyce's album.
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This month's meetup is Wednesday! Join us at 7pm at Skytemple as we walk through installing a local server & setting up WordPress.

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Does anyone in the Western MA area know of any places to do printmaking, or any classes I could take? I know about Zea Mays already, but I'm looking for a few options since their fall/winter schedule is pretty limited.

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Question for any developers following me!
Has anyone worked with's API & OAuth? I can't seem to get an access token, and I'm not sure if it's something I'm doing wrong with OAuth in general or meetup in particular.

Come dj with me? Just want some upbeat electronica.

Should be working. Instead...reading.

Someone come DJ with me:

Rocking it out traditionally this morning: wireframing a new site with pencil & paper. I'll recreate digitally later, but it's always so much easier for me to start with the basics.
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