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Butt-hurting tour to the North of the Philippines
Last Holy Week, I and a set of bloggers took ourselves unknowing of a very long travel to Cagayan Province. We were supposed to participate in the Ropali-Shell Partakan Festival -- "Partakan" meaning speed in the Ilocano dialect. Almost like an Amazing Race...

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THOR: RAGNAROK unleashes teaser trailer
Marvel released the first trailer of the third Thor movie, Thor: Ragnarok. Thor gets imprisoned in another side of the universe and finds himself in battle with an old friend. Check out the trailer below. There's no more hammer, a new hairdo, and donning a ...

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GOING IN STYLE movie review
Learn how to get a huge retirement from the seniors, Alan Arkin, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman in the remake of the 1979 heist comedy, Going in Style by Warner Bros. Pictures. Now showing in cinemas nationwide. You know how I love stories of old people e...

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This goes to show that no family is perfect. It's about an All-American college star and his beauty queen wife watch their seemingly perfect life fall apart, as their daughter joins the turmoil of '60s America. American Pastoral is one story that will make ...

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POWER RANGERS movie review
So I think I might forgotten how the story goes since Power Rangers was shown when I was just around 7 to 10. Now that the Saban TV series is now a movie franchise, I tried to recall all elements from the show and compared it with the movie. The Power Range...

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Red Ribbon's White Choco Almond Mamon
Oh yes, there is such a thing as Red Ribbon's White Choco Almond Mamon. It was just given to me by a friend last night before we watched a movie. I figured that I would just bring it for my baon the next day. At first I just ignored it thinking that it will...

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Sister Act preaching at Solaire's The Theater
"I will follow Him" would be the best hint to introduce the newest musical that will step into Solaire's gates to perform for the Manila audience. That's right, SISTER ACT, the glorious musical which starred Whoopi Goldberg in a nun costume and also featuri...

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Be the F8 Face
Get your gears ready and begin a four-wheel adventure where YOU will be the star! United International Pictures invites you to be one of the Fast family and be a star and tagged as #F8Face. Do your own stunts in the Fast and the Furious 8 immersive booths s...

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Stephen King's IT is now a movie
Halloween will be a bit earlier this year when New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. Pictures releases IT -- a horror thriller flick based on Stephen King's best-selling novel. Children face their biggest fears when squaring off with an evil clown named Pennywis...

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Look on the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 character posters
Your favorite space scoundrels are featured their in individual posters for Marvel Studios' Guardians of the Galaxy out in the Philippines on April 26 and in the US on May 5. Get a new look at Peter Quill and his band of unlikely heroes in 10 new cosmic cha...
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