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Next thing I knew, I was in Paris
Where you go from hell? You go to Paris. After a while I started thinking that I needed a 'getaway'.   I always loved Paris, so on tuesday I bought my ticket and on wednesday I was in Paris :) You only live ones. Best thing I could do at this time. Last min...

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Loving it!

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I lost my 'Me Time'
A while back, I was talking about my lovely 'Me Time'.  Standing in the World - 2014 Well It's not so lovely anymore. The past month was one with many ups and downs. The feeling of no job and a quistionmark for a future is kind off a 'not happy embrac...

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Me Time
Last week it was my final week on my job. And it was a very nice week acctualy,  we had champagne and they thanked me for the help,  we laughed drank more champange eat some chips and I felt like it was my birthday, I was so exited for the new adventures to...

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The start of somehting new
Last week on my current job. Start of something new, or a scary disaster? The start of 2014 The end is not always the final end. Off course it's the end of a chapter in your life. But I like to see it as the start of something new.  It's just how to look...

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Happy New Year to you all! I wish everybody a year to remember, a year where you can make risks and choose for yourself. Don't be afraid of letting things go, use the fear to bring you to new places it will give you strength believe me, it will! Time goes s...

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