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Joe Lazarus
Aimlessly wandering the web since 1994.
Aimlessly wandering the web since 1994.

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Pro tips for Google+ post formatting...

If you want to make text in your post bold, surround the text with asterisks.

If you want to make text in italics, surround it with underscore characters.

If you want to write strike through text, surround it with dashes.

Google+ Suggestions
I bet that the #1 reason Google+ is growing so fast is because of the way they designed the "Suggestions" module in the right-hand column of the home page. It shows people in your address book, but it looks like those people are already using the service. You add the people to your Circles thinking that they're already using G+, which then sends the friend a note. It must be extremely effective in terms of viral growth... and it's also a surprisingly spamy tactic for Google. Smart. Those are the types of aggressive moves Google needs to make for the service to take off.

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is this thing on? testing. testing 1, 2, 3...
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