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The Wanderer Returns
I can't believe how long it's been since I have been able to sit down and physically write a blog post for you guys! The past few months have been a whirlwind of finishing my degree, working in America, moving house and starting a new job - so as you can im...

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Giveaway | Reebok Spartan Race UK!
I can't even tell you how long I have wanted to do a Spartan Race for. But I can tell you that it's a LONG time. I've always loved the type of exercise that really pushes me to my absolute limits and the idea of races such as these really sum up everything ...

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Healthy Revision Snacking
My final year of university has now finally come to an end meaning that I've now been left with this strange mixture of immense relief, and a heap of excitement of what the next few months will bring including working on a children's camp in America and sta...

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Spring Spirit
Ever since I got injured a couple of months a go, I have found it incredibly hard to get back into the gym. Despite being a daily visitor to my gym,  I've been craving a different form of fitness away from my usual haunt since coming back from injury. Cheer...

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Dealing with an Injury
Injuries are something that can happen to everyone, although until recently I've never really had anything which has set me back for any length of time. After a particularly bad cough however, I have managed to give myself a fairly bad tear in one of my che...

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The Rise of High Street Activewear
It's no longer big corporate sportswear companies and boutique performance brands that are fighting for market share in the female exercise apparel industry - high street and online fashion retailers are also taking the plunge and trying to grab a slice of ...

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#SB30DaySweat Challenge | Half Way Through!
So it's half way through Sweaty Betty's 30 Day Sweat Challenge already! How's everyone been doing?? Fitting it in on top of my regular gym routine as well as training for cheer has been a challenge and I have to admit that while it's been easier to fit in t...

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Out & About | Fit-Fashion Junkies Get Over Here!
Over the past few weeks I have been lucky enough to attend the launches of two fantastic sportswear e-commerce websites, and I was so blown away by the brands which both of them offer that I couldn't help but get a post written up for you guys ASAP so that ...

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Personal | September Goals
So it's just occurred to me at midnight last night  that I haven't written my September Goals blog post yet! Due to my whirlwind of an August, this will be a shorter post than usual as I didn't have time to set goals for last month and therefore having noth...

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Are You Doing the Sweaty Betty 30 Day Sweat Challenge?
If you’re not then you should be! Sweaty Betty have teamed up with fitness experts and
influencers in creating a month-long campaign to help you all get fit for free – challenging women
(and men!) around the world to give their health, fitness and general w...
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