The Frederick basket Company makes great gift baskets.
Defence Information School BOMD video of The Frederick Basket Company

Dear Friends of The Frederick Basket Company,

On behalf of the BOMD video skills bravo team, please accept our sincere thanks for your recent support of our student video documentaries. These projects are the culmination of the 75-day Basic Combat Correspondent Course and your assistance helped make these projects much more realistic. Many of the service members completing this course will serve in Iraq, Afghanistan or other deployed locations and will be tasked with telling the story of men and women from all walks of life doing a variety of jobs. The research they conducted before visiting the location combined with the time spent interviewing you and shooting video at your business gave them a realistic example of what they’ll be doing in the near future.
The documentaries are also shown at the class room graduation in front of students’ peers, instructors and families. Please know you are making a difference in assisting in training future military combat correspondents. We hope you enjoy watching their final projects, and again, our most sincere thanks for your support. It’s our hope we can work with you again in the future.
Technical Sergeant Michelle Gaudin
BOMD Video Skills Instructor, Bravo Team
Defense Information School
Ft. Meade, MD
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