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Michelle Lyons-McFarland
Purple-haired, easily confused, literature focused, video-game playing woman of writerly extraction
Purple-haired, easily confused, literature focused, video-game playing woman of writerly extraction

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I think the thing I liked best about it was that the monster/demon/whatever was always just a person. Just a person, largely just walking (with the exception of crawling through the door, and then in the pool scene). It doesn't sprout fangs or any serious monster-y special effects. It just keeps coming. It was really well done, even if the low-frequency sounds did a number on me.

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Somebody got elected, and that somebody is me. :) New officers for the IGDN, woo! 
Hey look we have a new leadership team, and I'm on it, along with some really great people.

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So that happened, or the 2016 Women in Gaming Survey
Last week I thought to myself, "Self, you need to do a blog post." In trying to think of what this blog post would be about, I thought that maybe covering stuff that had happened in gaming last year from and by women would be a good topic. The problem, of c...

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So I made a generalized survey regarding women in gaming in 2016. It's my first, so it might be a bit rough, but it's not for any rigorous academic study so I think it's okay. Feel free to pass it around -- I'll be doing a blog post about the results later. Thanks!

Hey friends,

If I'm writing a survey and I have a question about gender, is the phrasing "What is your presented gender?" all right, or is it a terrible idea? 

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Happy New Year!
So, I really meant to post more in December, truly I did, but then the end of the semester happened, and then I fell and broke my thumb, which put a damper on my typing overall. I just got my cast off yesterday, and it's a glorious feeling. (See pic of my s...

Last night I dreamed that I was sick and likely dying. I was largely bedridden, with some illness I couldn't define (cancer? No idea). It was first person, so I was doing the moving around and feeling the feelings. I was at home with care, so hospice, or house calls. There was one point where I almost entirely slipped away, with a great deal of pain, but didn't actually die. One lung more or less stopped working, so we knew the end was near, but I came back from it.

It was easy to keep dreaming. I wasn't scared -- well, maybe a little, but not really -- because I was too sick to really be feeling much of anything. I didn't want to die, but it was really hard to have the energy to do anything at all. I was curious how long it would take, and I remember thinking that I had maybe a day left, although I felt remarkably solid for all that -- not healthy, just not sliding. But then I realized that I really wanted tomato soup -- it was all I'd wanted, period. And Matt had stepped out, and I didn't want to wait, because I didn't know how long I'd be here, so I'm walking slowly down to the corner store in my slippers and robe to buy some soup. And then I got there and didn't want to go in, because it was a huge store, so I asked a nice lady in the parking lot to buy soup for me.

I didn't have cash to give her, though, so I had to go into the entrance to the ATM. There it was a connection issue, and it accidentally gave me money twice, but it took forever and I was really tired. By the time I got out again, she'd gone, and I'd used up my spoons, and I had to walk past a parade on the way home, and Matt picked me up in the car on his way back and took me up to the place and tucked me into bed, and as I waited for him to make me soup, I remember thinking, "Well, I guess I'm going to stick around after all."

And then I woke up. 

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+Robert Bohl -- Guess what we're doing? :)
Misspent Youth: The Celestial Bureaucracy
Yesterday the group that was playing Nobilis  met to figure out a new game. We decided to do our Spark -inspired method of choosing a game. Meghan chose Star Wars: The Force Awakens (but really the franchise in general) because she wanted something in SPAAA...

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Game Design: Core Tenets
From the app game Monument Valley So I've been bitten by the fantasy bug, probably at least part in reaction to the whole election stuff. This isn't unusual, really -- look at Tolkien -- but it's unusual for me, because working at WotC and on d20 stuff for ...

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Updates and Full Plates and Imposters
Oh friends, readers, and countrymen, what tales I have to tell you. I have returned from London and completed revisions on my first dissertation chapter. I have started writing using the research I did in London for my fourth (written second) chapter. I hav...
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