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Life is a Snap!
Life is a Snap!

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Not expecting too many comments on this, but here we go:
Comment one word you think describes me, which starts with the letter "T."

Once you comment, I will assign you a letter to then post yourself.

I was assigned this letter by +Nina Anthonijsz 

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As a people watcher and lover of people, I find these posts from Humans Of New York (traveling through the midwest right now) sobering. This man's statement, "You can’t pull yourself up when there’s nothing to grab onto.” Is one of the reasons that I feel Donald Trump was elected throughout the midwest. I hope that Pres. Elect Trump can and will do for these people what he has promised.

I want people to be able to dream again, and not just dream but achieve. God bless our nation and those who are suffering. What can we each do for your fellow man? This should be part of our steps in life.

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Hey sweet google+ world!  I am back. I will be super busy moving back to Utah with the family. I will check back every so often.

I hope you are all doing well.  I have missed you all.
If you see me, add me to your circles and I will add you back.
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