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Elise Ellabban (Mummy Hearts Money)
Mum to 3, doing it the cheap way
Mum to 3, doing it the cheap way

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The Year of the Screwdriver
The Husband and I have been married for 15 years this year. When we first started our family, we filled the house as quickly as we could with inexpensive furniture, home wares, and appliances. Some things have changed over the years, usually replaced second...

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Our Germany Visit
It might be a distant memory already, but before it becomes yesterdays news I wanted to share some pictures of our trip to Germany. Those of you following along on Facebook will have seen some of the photo's that I shared from my 24 hour visit to Paris, but...

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Lest We Forget....My Pop
Nan and Pop I have photo's and posts half written to share about our Germany trip and homecoming, but while I don't normally get too into seasonal blog writing, this morning nags at me that I have something to share. Today marks 100 years since Australia la...

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Auf Weidersehn!
Time flies but we are finally packing our bags for our trip to Germany! The Husband is lucky enough to work for a German company, and every year members from all over the world congregate in an industrial type area called Schwabisch Gmund for their annual s...

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Raise the Roof: The End Result
This post has been too long in the writing, I can't seem to rustle up the right enthusiasm for writing at the moment, even though I know future Elise will thank past Elise for making the effort. The process for repairing and restoring our roof took three da...

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Raise the Roof: Step Two The Preparation
See that? That was a full clothes line when I left for work that morning. Anybody else might assume that their very capable teenager decided to bring in a basket of laundry when she raided the line for school clothes but I know there is more chance of my ne...

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Raise the Roof Step One: The Negotiations
It all moved quite suddenly and unexpectedly this. 2 weeks ago we started organising quotes to repair and restore our roof. We got some quotes from locals, people recommended as great tradies, as well as some majors. Out of the blue, the company we booked w...

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Flare Ups and Thermomixes
Coming on the back of a renewed determination this year to manage stress and my Crohns disease is a weekend long flare up. When I wasn't paying attention work worries translated themselves into work stresses, and those combined with worrying about Madeleine...

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Grommets 8 Weeks In
Little Sebastian had grommets put in his ears back in early December . I wasn't expecting to see big changes in him, although I've heard from so many people that their children practically changed over night once they had the procedure. I wrote a post withi...

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The Secret to Having the Best Lawn...
2 years ago we moved from a suburb where mowing the lawn was a special occasion activity. If the neighbours were out mowing, then sure enough there would be a party to come in the following days. Either that or Christmas. I'd like to say we were better, but...
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