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I can't seem to remove the day from a repeating task, that repeats from the completion date. 
Samsung S6

Can a "mark complete" be put on the task notification next to the snooze?
Usually when I get a task notification I complete the task at that time. This addition would save me a few steps

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This is what my widget looks like this morning after updating. Today's information looks fine but tomorrow's and the following days are blank white. I did do a refresh and it didn't correct the problem although I didn't go into settings to try and correct it

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Automatically add messages to custom bundles.

Are wildcards supported?

I have set up a custom bundle called Craigslist. I want all emails that arrived from to be directed to this bundle. Craigslist will generate random email prefixes based on what type of message it is. I would like to use a wildcard to represent all prefixes they may use = *

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+Contacts+ Love the app guys. The contacts portion is well thought out and robust. I do think this section could benefit greatly from the implementation of a FAB.
With regard to the messaging section, I really want to use it but it seems incomplete at the moment. Group messages are not labeled intuitively and there are some bugs. Do you have plans to polish this up? Keep up the good work.

Notification snooze not working properly in lock screen.
I have my notification snooze time set to "always ask". When I receive a notification and expanded it in lock screen, then hit snooze, the time interval popup does not show in lock screen. I have to unlock my phone to view and interact with the popup.
Nexus 5, Android 5.1

Date/time picker for text snooze not functioning properly.
I received a sms at 9 p.m. this evening. I wanted to snooze with a reminder tomorrow at 7 a.m. The date and time picker wouldn't allow me to set a date and time for tomorrow. If I used the standard "tomorrow at 10 a.m." it worked.
Nexus 5, Android 5.1

Reminders in Hidden Calendars not working.
Any event or task in a calendar that is hidden does not show reminders for that event or task. I can not imagine a reason for this behavior but at least there should be an option to enable reminders for events/tasks in hidden calendars.
Any thoughts?

Feature Request:
1. Have Business Calendar in the share menu. Ability to create an appointment or task via the share menu.
2. Ability to have two or more "linked private contacts"
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