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Black Work at Home Moms Network BWAHM
A social support network for black moms running businesses from home.
A social support network for black moms running businesses from home.

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The Black-Work-at-Home-Moms Network is looking to form Business partnerships and collaborations with individuals who fit into the demographic we represent within this Network.
These opportunities will be on a volunteer basis. We are looking for those who want to be a part of building this Network from grassroots stage. There is no need for a monetary investment at this point.

We want to build a team that includes the following positive points: If some of them fit you and you have skill and expertise we would love to connect with you.

You have leadership skills
Time to Invest
Entrepreneurial Spirit
Computer Skills
Familiar with Social Media Platforms
Expertise in your field
Content Writer - Journalism skills
Strong Work Ethic
You understand the VISION and SIGNIFICANCE of the BWAHM NETWORK.
EXCELLENT Communication skills
You think Outside of the box
Web design and logo design
Bloggers and Vloggers with ample time to make scheduled Videos and Blog posts.
You know that this project is bigger than you. Your a team player.

Someone available to start immediately in where ever you fit in on an expertise level.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor and team member, please send me a private I'M with your name and number so we can talk.
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If your a Black or Minority Mom with a desire to work a home, We want to invite you to join us on the Bwahm Network.
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