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When back pain happens, the aches and pains can restrict us from doing what we enjoy most. Seeing a specialist can help reduce the amount of pain that already exists, but how do you prevent the pain from returning? The key is a decent exercise routine to help strengthen the back muscles and stabilize the spine. Below is an article about back exercises that is great read for when you have some free time or when you’re waiting for your appointment in our office. If you haven’t done so yet, give us a call to schedule your appointment today.
Many popular exercises actually increase your odds of back injury. Here are the best back exercises, with or without equipment, for the average person.
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“There were 18,893 deaths involving prescription opioids in the country in 2014, up 16% from 2013. Deaths involving drugs like fentanyl and tramadol increased by 79% from 2013 to 2014” (Arlotta, 2016).
Prescription drugs are not going to fix your condition. In fact, most will only mask the pain temporarily. At San Francisco Financial District Chiropractor, we can help you find a long-term solution. Call now for an appointment.
As government officials attempt to tackle the opioid epidemic, associations advocating for nonpharmacologic approaches to pain management are launching their own campaigns to inform the general public of alternatives to prescription painkillers. "The opioid epidemic may now be front and center as a healthcare priority in this country, but it’s far from [...]
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“The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing... not healing, not curing... that is a friend who cares.”
–Henri Nouwen

Our thoughts and prays go out to everybody in France. We stand with Nice, France. #PrayForNice
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Chiropractic care for athletes can improve recovery time and performance. Here is a short article on how triathletes benefit from chiropractics. After you read, call us to make an appointment, so we can get you started. See you soon.
Chiropractic treatment for triathletes goes beyond the back-cracking stereotype.
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Are you suffering from Sciatica Pain? We can help, but you have to call first to make an appointment. In the meantime, here are a couple good videos about the sciatic nerve functions and how pain is caused. 
Researchers compared surgical and non-surgical treatments for severe sciatica pain from a lumbar herniated disc and determined that surgery may provide the fastest pain relief.
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Knowing the symptoms of a slipped disc is a start to discovering treatment. The next step is to make an appointment with a chiropractor. But for now, here is a quick read and video about slipped discs.
When the terms herniated disc, bulging disc, and slipped disc are all used seemingly interchangeably, it's easy to see why there's confusion.
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"This year’s study also found that among the myriad of treatment options available for back and neck pain, perceptions among U.S. adults vary regarding the effectiveness and risks associated with each. U.S. adults are more likely to describe chiropractic care as “very safe” and “very effective” than to say this about pain medications or back surgery" (, 2016)
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Recently in the Health section of U.S. News, they wrote a great article about how chiropractic care can help. In fact, just as they mentioned in the article, headaches, stress and anxiety, fibromyalgia, flexibility, and a list of back problems can all be treated. Call us today and schedule an appointment. While you wait, take a peek at the article from U.S. News.
Read on if you're stressed, have a migraine or struggle with flexibility.
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Walking is one of the healthiest activities we can do, so don’t let back or neck pain prevent you from a nice walk. Call today to make an appointment, and while you wait, take a peek at these great tips about why walking is so good for us. See you soon.
Walking briskly has a myriad of health benefits. Learn what the studies have shown about the benefits of walking and how to make your outings more fun.
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“Our servicemen and women shoulder the burden of defense as one of the responsibilities of citizenship in this free country. Having participated in protecting our rights and having met oppression on the battlegrounds of the world, they are able to appreciate and savor the blessings of citizenship in the country they serve.” – The Honorable Melvin Laird
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Neck pain can happen for several reasons, and a chiropractor can help with all of those reasons. Call us today to schedule an appointment.
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Here is what you need to know about lower back pain and sacroiliac joint dysfunction.
One relatively common cause of low back pain is sacroiliac joint dysfunction, but it tends to be commonly overlooked.
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"I would Highly Recommend the services of Shapero Chiropractic."
"Dr. Dan has been able to bring it back to its former pain free status."
"He did a thorough evaluation and explained how adjustments work."
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Yongwoon Huh's profile photo
Yongwoon Huh
a month ago
I have been a regular patient of Dr. Shapero since January 2016! Before then, I had never been to a chiropractor. However, the severe neck pain that developed after my car crash encouraged me to pay Dr. Shapero a visit. During my first visit to his office, he explained to me what he was going to do and gave me a detailed diagnosis based on my symptoms. I remember my first adjustment clear as a bell. The pain disappeared within seconds! It was an experience I had never had before. Of course, the pain came back as one adjustment would not solve the whole problem. But my weekly visit to his office since January has had a miraculous effect on my neck. Now, I can exercise and work on my desk for a long period of time without much pain. I plan to be Dr. Shapero's patient as long as I am in the Bay Area!
• • •
Terri Lomax's profile photo
Terri Lomax
2 months ago
My husband encouraged me to make an appointment with a chiropractor a few months ago and I have to admit, I was pretty nervous and a little anxious about the whole experience. The primary reasons for me seeing Dr. Shapero were to: restore mobility to my joints since I have an office job and sit for long periods of time, relieve stress, and to see if chiropractic work would help boost my appetite. I've heard that misalignments along the spinal pathways can hinder communication to the nervous system. I didn't know what to expect but Dr. Shapero did a fantastic job making me feel comfortable and educating me about the condition of my body before he did anything. After my first adjustment, I was pleasantly surprised to see a significant increase in my appetite! Who would have thought? It's hard to explain but I feel as though my hunger cues are no longer delayed. After visiting with Dr. Shapero for my first adjustment, my anxiety levels have decreased and I'm able to eat regularly. I'm thrilled with the results and I'll definitely be revisiting Dr. Shapero's office for more body work.
• • •
Mary Anne Rardin's profile photo
Mary Anne Rardin
5 months ago
Dr Shapero is an excellent chiropractor. I had been in back pain for over 1 yr and had been in treatment with another chiropractor. I am almost pain free now. The combination of adjustments with the decompression table are what helped. I had not been on a decompression table before. I am sure this was a big factor in my recovery. I also know that continuing with this on a maintenance basis will help with my low back issues. Dr. Shapero was recommended by a chiropractor friend. I knew he would be good but you never know for sure until you have had some treatments. I highly recommend Dr. Dan for low back issues and I am sure he is good at all he does!
• • •
latchkey's profile photo
9 months ago
I came to Dr. Shapero due to a herniated disc in my neck due to a bad fall. I was in some severe pain, and right from the first adjustment he made a huge difference. He is very concerned about what you are going through, and your wellbeing. The last 3 months of seeing Dr. Shapero has remarkably alleviated most of the pain from the herniated disc, and I won't have to undergo any kind of neck surgery. I highly recommend him due to his attentiveness to your needs, and his ability to take care of whatever spinal issue you may be experiencing. ~Shawn Davison
• • •
Brian Lewis's profile photo
Brian Lewis
2 months ago
Dr. Dan Shapero is a great chiropractor! I have had 10 years of tall guy mid-back pain, and severe lower back pain from the computer chair. In less than a month he has everything moving properly and not hurting. I did two intro sessions to try it out. He explained everything and did adjustments that helped so much I signed up for a month course of adjustments. Dan has all of the best equipment. He has worked on basketball players and has good experience treating tall athletes like myself. And everyone in the office is very friendly. It's fun going in just to chat during the session. The office is conveniently located in the middle of Financial district. The massage treatments here are very good as well, I had a great hour massage from Rodney.
• • •
Christina Kim's profile photo
Christina Kim
3 months ago
Dr. Shapero is incredible. I am not one to often write reviews, but Dr. Shapero's healing touch, warm personality and immense knowledge of the human body compelled me to write a review with the hope everyone is able to experience his abilities! Being a professional athlete that requires my body to be able to perform and withstand the stresses of repetitive Dr. Shapero was able to fit me in very quickly, as I have been having a semi-chronic issue with my sacroiliac joint. He was able to get my lower back and SI joint to crack for the first time in over a year and several other chiros had failed. He was also able to release tightness in my shoulders, diaphragm, and first ribs on both sides. This was all with a warm touch, a kind word and an incredible ability to relax my mind and my body. I can not recommend Sr. Shapero enough. If anyone in the Bay Area wants to get better and feel freer than they have in a long time, please go see him!
• • •
Teresa Schnabel's profile photo
Teresa Schnabel
6 months ago
Five visits to Shapero Chiropratic and I’m a new person. My lower back and knee pain are virtually gone after being in denial for some time now. I walk more quickly and am able to enjoy exploring our lovely city on foot which I enjoy a lot. Dr. Dan explains the process each step of the way and puts me at ease. I should have started my treatment sooner. Dr. Dan, my spine’s bff!
Jessica Mendoza's profile photo
Jessica Mendoza
10 months ago
I started going to Dr. Shapero in July 2015. My sciatic nerve was pinched so bad I could hardly walk. We decided I would use the decompression machine and after the first time of using it I was in horrible pain. Dr. Shapero quickly re-evaluated my treatment and came up with a different treatment plan that was just as effective. It took 6 weeks of 2-3 visits a week to get me back to feeling like my usual self. Now I am just maintaining my back health. What I liked most about Dr.Shapero is that he explained everything to me before treating me and explained why he thought that would be the most beneficial to my situation.
• • •