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John Looney
Kicking arse, metaphorically & literally into my fourth decade
Kicking arse, metaphorically & literally into my fourth decade

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Kenneth Boulding (published in “General Systems as a Point of View”, 1963)

A system is a big black box,
Of which we can't unlock the locks,
And all we can find out about
Is what goes in and what comes out.
Perciving input-output pairs,
Related by parameters,
Permits us, sometimes to relate
An input, output and a state.
If this relation's good and stable
Then to predict we may be able,
But if this fails us - heaven forbid!
We'll be compelled to force the lid!

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Forgot to post an update on the brewery. Today, chiselling a 150mm diameter vent, through a 240mm concrete wall. Ow.
Electric Brewery
Electric Brewery
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Phew. After many months of planning, the brewery is "code complete". Pumps work, sensors seem to work, lights seem good, no fuses blew. Now, to learn how to programme the PID controllers, so I can get hot water...

Some post-launch refactoring may be needed.
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Fascinating insight into how US and EU opinions on data privacy are different. In one, privacy is an inconvenience to commerce and spys. In the other, its a human right not to be in a state database is as important as access to guns or a free press.

+Simon McGarr​ said

"Today, the French Data Protection Authority said she would likely have to suspend all trans-Atlantic personal data transfers at the start of February unless there was a new Safe Harbour agreement.

There won't be a new Safe Harbour agreement without US movement. To date the US hasn't done what it would take to demonstrate "adequate" protections for EU citizens personal data, despite the increasingly hysterical attempts to repackage the current laws (Coincidentally the FTC issued a report this week stressing how very very adequate they thought oversight was ).

There are hints and signs that the US tech world is slowly waking up to the fact that the EU might actually mean exactly what it says.
Today the Washington Post- owned by Jeff Bezos of Amazon- ran a spittle flecked piece denouncing the EU for... Well, everything really. ( )

There's more to come.

Here's a video made last year where John Looney let me predict the last six months and the six months to come.


Are you working for a company that has EU customers and US datacenters ? Hope you didn't have plans for the next few months....
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Sutton beach, Dublin
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I'm being driven demented, trying to wire up some CAT6 that was laid around the house. Problem is that most of them aren't getting link lights, despite my cable tester saying that they are all fine.

Any ideas on how to check where the problem is ? (patch leads, punchdown, panels etc. ?

Are there...fancy-pants cable testers that'll qualify a link as gbE vs. 100mbit, for instance ?
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Seems playing around with old tablets, trying to use different OS images, trying to get one that works with old flash has a bad side effect...each reinstall counts against one of your "deauthorizations" for Google Music. So got a new phone...but now I need to wait until April until I can use Play Music with it.

Any other recommendations for streaming services ?
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Anyone got a recommendation for how to block web ads on android, that bounce you to "you won a competition" type pages ? Or "a virus was found on your phone" ?

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Thoroughly enjoying this academic analysis of the storytelling in the StarWars movies. If you like writing, and are curious about separating the story from the hype, this is an interesting podcast series.
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