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Dragos Ruiu

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bettercap - portable MITM meter cap replacement
A complete, modular, portable and easily extensible MITM framework.
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Dragos Ruiu

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Happy Canada Day. (Or what's left of it and our rights after our current governing party get done with it.)
In other news the newest 801.11n WiFi standard has some seriously broken bits in the standard. They introduced a new packet coalescing and aggregation protocol that leaves the chipsets vulnerable to Packet-in-Packet injection. I.e. You can abuse the protocol to include spoofed low level MAC packets in HTTP frames from any web server and other similar fun. An attacker can leverage this technique to deauthenticate clients, inject malicious beacon frames, perform host and port scans, bypass firewall rules, and conduct Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) spoofing. So, not so good, especially since this is a chipset level issue and the chipsets are just behaving as the ill-conceived standard specifies for Aggregated-MAC Protocol Data Units (A-MPDU) handling. Being hardware/firmware, it's not easily changed.
Paper and PoC at link below.
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Was your image for this post laced with aggr-inject frames? :-)
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Dragos Ruiu

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Seems to me that lot of fun could be had with a little pattern of small "donuts" that makes a document unprintable and uncopyable. But I've always had a weird sense of "fun."
How often have you looked at the cash in your wallet? Look closer: it’s riddled with hidden patterns designed to deter counterfeiters. Chris Baraniuk investigates.
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I'm in the US, I need to find me some cash to check this out. Hey anyone willing to make a copy for me? :D
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Dragos Ruiu

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This web page contains an overview of, and Q&A about, our recent results published in a technical paper (PDF, 2.1MB), archived as IACR ePrint 2015/170. It will be presented at the Workshop on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems (CHES) 2015 in September 2015.
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Dragos Ruiu

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Sleep mode end run on EFI protections on all pre mid2014 MacBooks leaves EFI vulnerable to unremovable bios rootkits.
I wouldn't bet that EFI is untouchable from user land on later model MacBooks either, though not necessarily with this bug. Apple might someday learn more eyes on security is better than their silent march of obscurity and planned obsolescence.
Wish there was some nonEFI dependent way to verify EFI - the architecture is broken.

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Dragos Ruiu

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Good enumeration of Windows persistence methods. 
TL;DR: Are you into red teaming? Need persistence? This post is not that long, read it ;) Are you into blue teaming? Have to find those pesky backdoors? This post is not that long, read it ;) In the previous post I listed...
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Haven´t touch that OS for so long. Now you brought all the bad memories back.
Thx a lot +Dragos Ruiu.
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Dragos Ruiu

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analyzing uncommon firmware
Let us define what common reverse engineering tasks look like. Given an executable file for Windows (or Linux, MacOS or any other widely-used operating system). We can run it, watch it in a debugger, and twist it in virtual environments in any way possible. File format is known.
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Yeee! IDA!!! )))
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Dragos Ruiu

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Brit boffins' test of 14 prominent privacy tunnels finds leaks galore thanks to IPv6 mess
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+Howard C. Shaw III I think the problem is that some providers are running traffic across both IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneously. When that happens, you're vulnerable.
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Dragos Ruiu

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5 axis CNC less than 5k 
The PocketNC CNC Mill comes in at under $5,000 and delivers 5 axis of movement.
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Dragos Ruiu

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Keychain cracked on OSX and IOS. Ruh-Roh.
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Dragos Ruiu

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Nice Windows Kernel Exploitation tutorial
Windows Kernel Exploitation Humla Mumbai was conducted to introduce participants to Windows Kernel Exploitation.
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Would be interesting to see someone have a look at ReactOS's kernel and subsystems for bugs like these.
It is an NT like OS, so...
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Dragos Ruiu

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HD firmware hacking (part3): reversing the boot loader
Before we get started with part 3, I have a few updates regarding part 1 & 2. I've found that the reset pad on the JTAG header is not actually a system reset (SRST) but a TAP reset (TRST), which isn't very useful for debuggin...
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