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Oops, I think I broke TrustZone. (Display processing DMA)
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What, TrustZone doesn't stop you getting the GPU to randomly DMA wherever you'd like it to? Oh dear oh dear oh dear.
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Sadly, I expected as much. Some possible exploits aren't talked about, or believed for that matter, until someone demonstrates it publicly, then everyone and sundry jumps all over it while sweating bullets. That's what comes from not thinking security even before you specify the model for the code design.
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Dragos Ruiu

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stuxnet .lnk vuln used for USB infection not fixed for last five years, 
you only thought so. 
details from ZDI
In early January 2015, researcher Michael Heerklotz approached the Zero Day Initiative with details of a vulnerability in the Microsoft Windows ope...
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hahahaha you have no hope my pc are inequickypted your a joke idiot
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Projects Zero: Using repeated "rowhammer" DRAM reads to flip adjacent bits and escalate priviledge.
Posted by Mark Seaborn, sandbox builder and breaker, with contributions by Thomas Dullien, reverse engineer [This guest post continues Project Zero’s practice of promoting excellence in security research on the Project Zero b...
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+Bill Beers, I don't know if anything involving memory corruption that can be triggered with four nonprivileged asm instructions, doing nothing more difficult than repeatedly reading two addresses and doing a cache flush, could be considered 'an extreme edge case'. Only the cache flush is at all obscure, and it's not that obscure -- all sorts of things do cache flushes in real machines, and even without those, normal memory traffic could in theory trigger this.
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Please avoid the "who are you here with?" embarrassment. She can probably code circles around you. 

(Probably even by calculating the Taylor's Theorem series expansion of the trig functions and plotting the points instead of using the library function.)
(this was originally given as a talk at AlterConf in Oakland)
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+Bryan Bonvallet This stuff can be mind-bendingly complex. :^)

You've done a great job of showing that the issue is more complex than most of us realize - or even suspect.
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Dragos Ruiu

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The CanSecWest 2015 Sheraton Wall Center hotel block is sold out and the hotel is full. We have made arrangements for another conference rate room allocation one block down the street at the Sutton Place Hotel. 
Group code: VAN_CANSECWEST15
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This was BIOS obliteration morning at CanSecWest. The border guard BIOS attack requires 50 seconds of physical access to the laptop (as pictured below) - one screw, one button press, wait for green light. Not Nation-State difficult stuff to develop as as all the naysayers claim: development time 4 weeks for two guys. Rafal and Corey then showed us vulnerabilities to do this remotely via software only (#venamis #speedracer) And then the Intel folks showed us another new class of bios vulns using pointers. The BIOS vulnerability beatings will continue until security and morale improves.
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Smoked - 
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Dragos Ruiu

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Yay! New Sysinternals suite update, lots of goodies!
Introduction. The Sysinternals Troubleshooting Utilities have been rolled up into a single Suite of tools. This file contains the individual troubleshooting tools and help files. It does not contain non-troubleshooting tools like the BSOD Screen Saver or NotMyFault.
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Most useful MS software.
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Dragos Ruiu

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The creation of the high-profile tech publication was the brainchild of Om Malik.
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Dragos Ruiu

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Starbug is hacking all your biometrics.
At Mobile World Congress this week a number of eye-scanning authentication tools were shown off, notably by ZTE and Fujitsu. But security researcher Jan Krissler says it's easy to use high-res images of people's eyes grabbed from Google to break iris scanning tech.
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+Doctrine Doomsday
Thank you!
USA #1 in callousness
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Dragos Ruiu

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Helix - The world's best folding bike
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I've been riding a full-size folding bike for 5 years, a Dahon Matrix 2009. This looks a bit smaller when folded, hopefully it also holds over the years as well as a Dahon. Not counting tire punctures, I had basically no problems.
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Take Your Action Figure To Work Day #AFWD2015
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"Life size."
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