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Stephen Pierce
Sculpting a more meaningful and memoriable life of success.
Sculpting a more meaningful and memoriable life of success.

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Is lack of confidence choking and suffocating you from being your best?

Then learn how to build a confidence so big and powerful that it can rival
the pyramids of Egypt.

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Being happy is not just a choice, it’s a strategy.

Most people have decided that they want to be happy, however many people don’t have a strategy for being happy in the face of overwhelming opportunities to be unhappy.

Today you get a real strategy for being really happy.

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Here are 5 things it takes to succeed at what you have chosen to do.

1. It takes an unbreakable spirit to endure unbearable pain.
2. It takes swimming in your tears to confront and conquer your fears.
3. It takes walking through today's sorrow and pain, to reach tomorrows joy of gain.
4. It takes looking up towards Heaven when you are tempted to look back at all the hell.
5. It takes understanding yourself when you're misunderstood by everyone else.

When you know who you really are, youwill know YOU have what it takes.

If you want to know "How To Know Thyself"then listen to Success Sculpting Show.

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If you want to build a mind like a steel trap and become emotionally bulletproof, then listen to todays' Episode 9 of Success Sculpting Show and learn some powerful ideas on "How To Free Your Mind!"

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Ready to close the “busy loop” and open a portal to outrageous levels of productivity?

Then check out the latest Episode of The Success Sculpting Show

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Facts of past failures is not a prophecy of your prospects of future success.

If you refuse to allow failures from your past to send an overcast of doubt into your present...

If you refuse to allow slips and falls from your past to outlast your steps into your future...

...then, Learn how to BOUNCE BACK!  

Today's Episode of the Success Sculpting Show is now available and it's all about "How To Bounce Back!"

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A key ingredient to success is endurance. You're ability to stay in the game long enough to win. That means knowing how to never give up in the face of the feeling to quit. In this podcast Episode discover how to never give up.
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