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Chirp is a magical new way to share your stuff – using sound. Chirp 'sings' information from one iPhone to another. Share photos, links, notes and more: all from your built-in iPhone speaker. What will you chirp?

Chirp lets you send information over the air to anyone running the app near you. Use the app to send or receive pictures from your camera, and share with everyone in the room.

Chirp 是個非常酷炫的新奇檔案傳輸軟體,只要兩個iOS裝置都有安裝Chirp,就能互傳圖片。假設我們選好一張圖片,然後點擊"~"鈕,就會產生"唧唧"的聲音,這時只要有安裝Chirp的在場朋友們,打開軟體就能馬上收到照片囉! 用這種方式來把圖片傳給10幾個人.
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