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How can we move on from the design argument?
Over the years I
have seen scores of variations on the argument from design.
Basically, they all go something like this: whenever I consider the
universe/a flower/a new-born infant/sub-atomic particles, I think,
'wow there must be a god who made this.' None...

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It's Advent and the Nativity season once more
This is the time of
year when people outside of the Christian community, as well as those
within it, start thinking about the ancient story of the birth of
Jesus. So I thought I might as well join in, especially because that
story plays a fairly important p...

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In converstion with an ex-JW activist
I had an interesting conversation last month with ex-Jw activist Lloyd Evans, aka John Cedars, when he was visiting the UK. This is his video of our conversation.

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Getting back to blogging?
I haven't been blogging very much recently but I thought it was about time I tried to get back to it. So here I am with an old blog which has been sleeping for over a year. I've woken it up and merged the posts from my other blog, Inventing Jesus - which ha...

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I've moved...
...but not very far. Everything from this blog is now over at my other blog: Drop by and say hello

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A photo to mark 2 centuries since Waterloo
It's 2 centuries now
since the Battle of Waterloo which brought the Napoleonic wars to an
end and I thought I should do an appropriate blog post to mark the
occasion. So here's a photograph of Linmere in Delamere Forest –
can you spot the link? Something I ...

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I'm prompted to post this piece which I wrote several months ago, because someone just asked a question/gave me an excuse on another forum: There's an old joke – not the best of
jokes, by a long way – which goes something like this: A nun is going through c...

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Stories of a Messiah already here somewhere could begin to evolve long before the time-setting for John the Baptist. Perhaps some believers in the prophecies might even try to engineer their fulfilment. A bit like finding a new Dalai Lama really - it needs ...

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The Pharisees - source material for a character like Jesus?
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