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I don't go to YouTube much so this is probably old news, but I have learned you can play Nibbles with the buffering circle on Youtube videos.

This amuses me.

The fact that it is snowing right now  does a lot to boost my spirits. The fact that it will probably all be melted by lunch tomorrow makes me sad again.

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This is what was happening on screen while TV characters were "Searching the Federal Banking Database." As much as I have come to dislike Apple recently even I have to admit that is one comprehensive program they've got there.

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Another rant. I know Google posts the link below my comments, but I am going to be referencing his "questions"  numerically as they are numbered in his article, so it may make more sense to read  that first.

I know nothing of the author and the only thing I know about the Huffington Post site is that articles from it occasionally come up on my Google news.

Overall This article is a good example of my utter lack of faith in the media. I realize this is from the "Blog" section of the website and not truly news, however I still think if you are going to  be posting on a very public forum that is trying to be considered (guessing here) a credible, authoritative, news source, you need to meet a higher standard. The attempts at grandstanding and trying to shock the audience have no place in a news outlet, though they seem to be everywhere. A basic understanding of the principles of logic and statistics should be required.

Anyway I guess the only thing that remains is to try to find a way to remove Huffington Post from the possible sources on news app.

#1. Aside from the shock factor for those as uninformed as the author these  numbers are meaningless for a number of reasons. First the numbers need to be normalized in order to compare them. Second, Correlation does not equal Causation. Third, since people without access to guns have found other ways of committing murder so you really need to compare violent deaths across all these countries if you really want to prove anything. Finally a comparison of Assault vs Attempted Murder vs Murder in countries with varying gun laws might prove interesting. Just guessing here, but people that try to commit murder with guns are probably a lot more likely to succeed. There is definitely room for some interesting discussion in that direction.

#2 In his speech President Obama used the AK-47 as his example of Assault weapons that belong on the battlefield (I find that choice very interesting, but that is a discussion for another time). Swapping in the AR-15 was likely done to try to connect everything back to Holmes better, however it kind of destroys the point as the Military uses M16s and M4s, which are very similar to the AR-15, but the AR-15 was designed specifically for civilian use. I also never liked President Obama's statement as it seemed he was trying to create an artificial binary choice. Yes Assault Rifles don't belong on the streets and yes they do belong on the battlefield, but those aren't the only choices. Civilian adapted Assault Rifles, Person Defense Weapons, etc. (AR-15, PS-90, and many others) are perfectly fine at a range or other safe, controlled setting. Also I think there are few people advocating the removal of background checks.

#3 Why do any Lobbyists have that type of power in Congress? I know little about the specifics of the system, but it seems to me that something needs to be done to completely overhaul the way that aspect of our government works.

#4 So many things. Use of the word Artillery is just for the shock factor. This is the first article I've seen that says Holmes had 9k rounds. 6k rounds does not seem an excessive amount. Anyone who shoots regularly could probably go through over half that in a month or less. Bullets are relatively harmless without a firearm, buying in bulk is cheaper just like everything else.

#5 The increase in background checks was a result of the increase in people buying guns, not because gun dealers decided to follow the law more closely.

#6 To shoot in competition or at a range. 

#7-11 These are all really comments about problems with the media, which I find very ironic.

#12 First it seems that the state of Holmes' apt. is being used as a reason that he shouldn't have been allowed to surrender, ridiculous as nothing was known about this until after the fact. Second his entire question sounds like advocating removal of the principle of "Innocent until proven guilty" as well as the right to Due Process. Just let the police be judge, jury, and executioner.

#13-14 There are still issues with racial prejudices in our country, however I guess I still have faith in humanity that the police would have handled this the same way.

Moving Windows system files.

For a long time I've wanted to move the entire Users directory on my Windows install. Win7 gave me the ability to move the library directories, but it wasn't really the solution I wanted. Today I decided to take the time to redo my Windows install so I figured I would see if I could find any new solutions to moving the files. The solutions I was able to find didn't work but I was able to put together the following.

Using the command prompt from the Windows install CD (or something similar. I used Ghost so I could easily restore the C drive during my trial and error.)
Copy the directory to another drive using xcopy /e /h /x /b
Delete the original directory
Create a link using mklink /j

Never could get robocopy to handle symlinks/junctions properly. The above seems to have a few glitches with the library directories, I haven't taken the time to see what it will take to fix/work around the issue. All this has reminded me of how bad the Windows command line is. This would have been much simpler with Linux/Unix symlinks, utilities, and permissions structure.

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Since I rarely use this for anything at all I figured I would try to use it to get free stuff. Most of you who read this either won't care or already know about the following so feel free to stop reading.

If you are interested in webcomics and haven't tried Schlock I would recommend it. The science is solid, the humour is great, the archives are huge, and it updates very reliably. There was something else I was going to say, but now I have forgotten.

Anyway, here's hoping for free stuff.

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I need to pay more attention to the internet, somehow I missed this for 3 years.

I don't know enough economics to have any idea if it has a chance of eventually stabilizing and actually becoming useful, though I will definitely be keeping an eye on it to see if it does.

The framework on the other hand is fascinating. Cryptography and distributed computing I think are two of my favorite areas. I may try to actually contribute to this. (Just like I may try to adapt MapTool to hole punch.) I should see if I can get in touch with Rick, I'm curious as to what his take on this is.

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Trying to post links from my phone doesn't work too well.

Anyway. Shadowrun is closer than I had realized.

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While lacking the authority to actually do anything about it. The NTSB recommendation will likely carry some weight. Sounds like a great idea and I can't wait until we can extend this to all the other causes of distracted driving. Hopefully we can get bans on things such as eating, drinking, adjusting the radio, listening to the radio, talking to passengers, driving with passengers (esp. kids), using a gps, and maybe one day having an independent, non-driving related thought.

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Apple has taken the ridiculous game of acquire as many patents as possible and sue everyone in sight to levels of ridiculousness that was previously believed to be unobtainable.

They released a list to Samsung of the changes that need to be made to avoid all this legal trouble.

"When it comes to phones, Samsung could make the following changes:
-Front surface that isn’t black.
-Overall shape that isn’t rectangular, or doesn’t have rounded corners.
-Display screens that aren’t centered on the front face and have substantial lateral borders.
-Non-horizontal speaker slots.
-Front surfaces with substantial adornment.
-No front bezel at all.

And as for tablets:
-Overall shape that isn’t rectangular, or doesn’t have rounded corners.
-Thick frames rather than a thin rim around the front surface.
-Front surface that isn’t entirely flat.
-Profiles that aren’t thin.
-Cluttered appearance."

I have no idea how many of these items are actually patented or if they are all just matters of IP infringement. I don't know enough about IP law to really understand the difference but from the news recently I would say that the whole area needs a severe overhaul.
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