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On a scale from 1-10, how much do you love Mac and Cheese?

Feast your eyes on 7 different drool-worthy varieties, then get the recipes:

Made the switch from iPhone 4 to Nexus 5 yesterday. So far, so good. However, having some problems with people still on iPhone not being able to text me. It keeps trying to send it as imessage. I have tried changing my Apple ID password. Didn't work. The only thing that seems to work is disabling imessage on both my iPhone and iPad. This isn't a great solution though because I still want to use those devices for imessage and facetime using my email address. If anyone knows how to fix this let me know. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for $149 on 2 year contract or LG Nexus 5 for $0 on 2 year contract? Which is the better deal? 

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Home buyers often ask me about "fixer-uppers" and whether they can really save money (or make money by "flipping"). Here are the questions I ask back, to help you figure out whether a fixer-upper is for you. If you'd like a FREE list with photos of fixer-uppers in the area, please contact me.


1. Will you be doing the work yourself?

Doing it yourself may save you some money, but major home renovations require a lot of skill and time. If you don't have both, then hiring a contractor is probably the better option.

2. Why is the property priced so low?

Beyond the condition of the home, consider the possibility that there may be other circumstances that have lowered its value. Is it located in a problem area, or are there problems with the land? Renovations may not improve the home's value as much as you think if you'll have trouble selling it.

3. Has the home been inspected?

Since home inspections aren't required by law, many speculators skip this step, figuring they'll be fixing up any problems as they go anyway. But a major structural problem, or conditions like mold or termites, will make renovations more difficult or even impossible. Make sure you know what you're dealing with - have the home inspected.

4. Will you be living in the home while the work is being done?

First-time renovators often fail to realize the disruption that major construction work causes, especially when bathrooms or kitchens are involved. Living in these conditions can be a major source of stress in what's supposed to be your peaceful home. Knowing what you're getting into, and making a realistic assessment of your ability to deal with it, will help you avoid problems.

Looking for a fixer-upper, or any other type of home to match your specific criteria? Let's talk!

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King Charlotte Condos by Lamb Development Corp in the heart of Downtown Toronto's Entertainment District.

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Theatre Park by Lamb Development Corp. Located at the corner of King St W and Simcoe St in the heart of Toronto's King West Theatre District.

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Great article from Mr. Homes on Homes himself about Title Insurance. It's true - most home buyers need to ask more questions about Title Insurance and insurance in general when making the biggest purchase of their life. Luckily, I've got some of the best insurance people in Toronto on my team. 
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