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Harvard Nostalgia
The older I get, the more I think back to Harvard with nostalgia.  I was very young at Harvard.  I went to college straight out of the 10th grade, and I graduated at the age of 19.  That officially makes me a high school drop-out.  I lived my teenage years ...

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From pool to pool
I love my pools.     In Paris, my pool is in a fancy private club, in the Bois de Boulogne, on the edge of Paris.  It's a gorgeous 50-meter pool, open year-round outdoors, framed by views of the Eiffel Tower. My pool nurtured many Olympians, starting a cent...

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A Science Fiction Novel
I'd like to crowd-source the plot for a science fiction novel.  Would this make a good story?: In a not-too-distant future, say 20 years from now, humanity lives through the biggest change in its history.  It doesn't happen overnight, or cataclysmically, bu...

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Hokey Pokey in Sochi
Czar Vladimir is not your average oligarch who can blow 50 billion to throw himself a party.  But even that much money can't buy you love, with the terrorists plotting to get in, and  people with a conscience  staying away.  And Vlad and his cohorts are bei...

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Turning our Backs on 2013
Looking back at 2013, I saw two big surprises that dominated discussions in the field of privacy.  Privacy is all about the individual human being.  So, it's somehow fitting that the biggest privacy surprise in 2013 was created by one individual human being...

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The Italian Supreme Court has acquitted me !
An eight-year legal saga has
now come to an end.   Yesterday, in Rome,
the Italian Supreme Court (Cassazione) acquitted me, as well as two other
Googlers, for violating Italian privacy law in a case that stemmed from a
user-generated video.   A year ago, th...

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Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, They hacked my phone, I don't know why
Why was it candy to hack the Handy of the world's most powerful woman?  Did she park her Porsche in a public place without locking it?  The press are outraged and the politicians are indignant that Merkel's phone has been hacked for years by the NSA.  Obama...

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Jeff Koons' Private Parts
I was invited to a fancy charity dinner in Paris, and was treated to a delicious feast of suave irony.  It's not every day that I sip Dom Perignon with Jeff Koons and Laurent Fabius, paid for by a tax-exempt charity. The conversation went something like thi...

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Two farmers and a donkey
Two farmers owned fields that lie side by side.  They don't like each other, and they never have.  But fate has put their fields next to each other.  Farming is a tough life, and neither makes much money.  So, the two farmers agreed, with heavy-hearts, to b...
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