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peaches mcginty
Learning technology very very slowly
Learning technology very very slowly

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Blooming heck
Hello there, it's been a while,  terribly sorry about that. I'm in a funky funk right now, I'm so funky Rick James could slap some bass on me, play my tune and depress us all. I haven't visited you, which is pretty bad form.  It is unusual and frankly ridic...

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Moderation in moderation
Hello Lovely People! how are you? how have you been? I am living a healthy lifestyle right now and am currently walking round with a face like a slapped arse.  Blah blah 'personal health responsibility' 'more salad' blah blah 'sensible choices' blah  'wants...

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Red dress blues
Hello there! how are you? it's June! how did that happen? After free-styling my dresses I have come to the painful conclusion I need to buy a dress pattern.  I have bought one before, a 'very easy to sew' in the wrong size (they have different sizes! who kn...

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Peaches guide to Gameshow Etiquette
Hello Gorgeous! how are you? I hope everything is good. After a mammoth epic adventure I'm well and truly knackered, but I promise I'll be round soon.  I can't tell you anything about our 'Pointless' appearance gah as we signed a contract. However, I can ...

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Profanity alert
Dear Readers, We have received a call and must go to London next week to film! Dave is thrilled,  Me I have agreed to go on a game show, it will ask me questions based on my general knowledge.  You cannot say 'I don't know'. You have to give an answer, any ...

Petition for protecting our Human Rights x x x

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Nothing's impossible
Hello there! how are you? I hope you are all doing brilliantly! I've had a bit of a mahoosive break.  I spent time with my brain and indulged in an awful lot of contemplation groan I pondered the Maiden/Mother/Crone philosophy (the stages of a woman's lif...

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Mini Break
Hello lovelies! It's a quick one from me, I am having a little break from this wonderful Blogging world. I'm keen to have structure and order back in my life.  Since giving up work I have developed a 'nap' habit, I think I need to get myself back into the l...

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Electric Avenue
Hello All! I hope you are having a lovely start to the week! After a Mothers Day weekend bonanza of fun, it's all back to normal here.  Good job really. Although I haven't been a party animal since 1992, even then I was prone to the occasional falling aslee...

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You make my Blog cool
Hello Lovely People! It's Thursday............ How? thank you for all of your gorgeous comments about the kitties, they are back on form and back to laser-pen fun.  Remember laser pens have to be used responsibly, do not point them at planes, helicopters or...
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