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Its a very sad day in sports today.  A god among sports owners a man who put a city on the map as a powerhouse and a city of champions.  A man who wrote the book on how to be the greatest owner.  An owner who not only improved a city, a team, but also a sport that seemed to not be able to get out of Football's shadow.  Instead he pushed to make the NBA a show.  A spectcle of skill prowess and showmanship the likes the world had never seen.  He single handedly catupulted a franchise to be considered the best in sports.  A franchise that no matter how good or bad is always in the news.  Jerry Buss will for ever be missed his name wil be posted in the rafters and his legacy will forever be in the hearts of generations of Laker fans.  He was a legend a god in a sport of gods and Los Angeles's best friend.  RIP Jerry Buss you will forever be missed.  #lakersnation   #lakers   #jerrybuss   #RIP  

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Dave and Chad ( #tritonal  ) at Sutra OC last night.  My POS camera on my phone got this really cool photo due to the flashing lights in the club.  #trancefamily   #accidentalphotography   #tritonians  

why we need you #oregon  or #stanford would have had a better shot at winning.  Heck a rematch of #texasa&m wouldve been a better game.
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