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My only complaints so far:

1.) Android App requires you to use main Android Account, not tertiary accounts. Major suck.

2.) Giving the product, a name you can not google... (Google+ does not google properly, due to it having a Boolean operator in its name!) They didn't fully think that one out, me thinks. Least for that regard.

3.) You can edit posts, and really screw with peoples comments below. (Without notice in the main post.) Such as this man below, being invalid.

Also, first public post. Go me.
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But it's Googlebook, so therefore your argument is irrelevant.
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Strike #3, as long as you edit it multiple times it will finally note that you edited it. YAY. Hated that about failbook. #Failbook For the love of god, dont let hash tags ever work here.
The mobile client is kinda cool I guess (in its not so optimized for tablets glory).
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Yeah, I was hoping that at least on 3.1 it would allow for multi/side accounts like gtalk finally does on there. If it ends up like that, I wont likely be able to use the mobile client til god knows when. Gtalk on 2.2/2.3 is still single account.

Google makes me sad somedays.
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So. The mobile page is actually pretty sweet.
I don't mind the app on my tablet. It's obviously not optimized for it, but I'm not running Honeycomb so that means fuck all to me right now anyways.
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So google already fixed the multiple account issue.... They are playing hard ball. Though huddle fc on 3.1, kinda sucks. Also this app haaaaates swype with its spell check. Swype becomes useless. 
Swype became useless on it's own two weeks into using it for me. I switch to Thumb Keyboard. I hear Swype has improved, but not enough to make me give a damn.
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I love it for onehandedness. When multitasking. Though the moto multitouch keyboard is actually one of the better ones I've used. I had forgotten.
I miss Swype for one handed texting, but it became completely useless a few weeks in because of their shit interface and "learning" prediction engine.

Maybe I'll have to give it another shot.
Google loevs multiple accounts. They're just playing hard to get.
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