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10.Infomotions 西方文学/哲学网 (包括自美国/英国的文学和西方哲学公开着作)

11.康奈尔大学Arxiv (收藏了物理,数学,非线性科学和计算机科学方面的数字化 "预印本" 出版物) (包含世界历史百科全书,以及哈佛经典着作,提供免费的电子文本)

13.Bibliomania (提供超过2000部免费电子文献,以及研究成果)

14.Cogprints(有各类心理学,神经科学,语言学,哲学,生物学,人类学和计算机科学电子文献, 部分区域需要注册)


16.DLESE地球系统教育数字图书馆( 涵盖了环境,地理,地质,海洋以及其他物理科学;空间科学与技术;教育方法和科学哲学内容)


19.IPL互联网公共图书馆 (密歇根大学信息学院的学习和教学环境)

20.库尔特·斯塔博的在线图书馆(收藏了古代和现代的大量生物学着作,其中很多珍本, 可在线阅读)






(有超过 16000 部在线电子书 ,值得一读) :


(建于1976年,这里有用于研究和教学的大量高品质文献 资料公共区域可以免费在线检索目录,下载):


(超过10000 部可以公开或取的着作(以及超过 164000 幅图像):




30.日本文学着作( 格式包括 HTML , ZIP(下载)和日文电子书格式)






(包括:Abap, Java, Linux, Php, Oracle & 。 PDF 格式。注意,在下载之前,需先建立一个账户)







(超过12000 部奥地利文献,甚至包括明信片,可以在因特网上访问);jsessionid=453DD0DC127BBBB02C863B1887F76E28

38.GPO Access(美国政府文献):


(Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research):

40.National Academy Press

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Here's a shot from Beijing, China, taken a few weeks ago during my visit. I wasn't able to post much there because G+ was blocked. As many of you who have been to Beijing may attest, the skies are quite muggy and polluted there. I only saw a blue colored sky once in 10 days. Though I'm not completely certain, this appears to be a nuclear power plant, so what's coming out of those towers would be steam. Maybe that's one step to cleaning up the air in Beijing.  
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Red Silver, Green Gold? New Nanotechnology ‘Says’ Yes
#physics   #optics  
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15 best services offered by google

Who knew that this miss-spelled domain will rule the world of internet? The website that was started with the aim to gather all information in one place later became the most powerful website of the world. Currently, google is offering dozens of paid and unpaid services and products to its end-users.

According to a joke, google is the most viewed website in the world because many people just use it to check whether their internet is working or not but it is a fact that only google search receives about 1 billion search queries daily.
This post is dedicated to google and some of the top services and products offered by google.
 13 best services offered by google
Google Search:
Launched in 1996
In the world of search, google is without any doubt beating all its opponents since many years. Google offers its services not only on its international domain i.e but also on regional level domains.
Launched in 2004
Only gmail was able to beat/break the monopoly of yahoo and hotmail’s email service. Gmail offers dozens of free and intelligent services and is very much easy-to-use for even a layman.
Google Toolbar:
Launched in 2000
Although google has launched its browser named chrome but if you are familiar with internet explorer you can still sense the smell of google in it, yes, google toolbar will never let you to forget google and its excellent products and services. Google toolbar is an excellent tool to create your own buttons on the browser, in addition it also has a search box and a popup blocker.
Bought by Google in 2003
Another popular service offered by google that has a vast amount of some newest features. Blogger is one of the most easiest and popular blogging sites.
Google Alerts:
Launched in 2005
If you want to be notified of your search terms by email than google Alerts is the best service for you where you can enter your search terms along with preferences and you will be notified through email on daily/weekly basis.
Google Chrome:
Launched in 2008
We can say Google Chrome is the leading internet browser which has easily beaten mozilla firefox and internet explorer.
Google +:
Launched in 2011
People started thinking whether facebook can be beaten by any other social network or not? But now this question is answerable because this different, unique and professional looking site has grabbed a large share of visitors and rapidly growing.
Bought by google in 2004
An excellent application to organize and edit your photos. In addition you will be able to add some basic effects too.
Bought by google in 2005
It was another bold step by google to introduce an operating system in the market where various versions of windows were already gripped tightly. Android is an operating system, yes, its an operating system by google for smart phones and tablet PCs.
Launched in 2003
For this service, I surely can say that “They came, they saw and they conquered”. Today Google adsense is the most reliable online advertising service that has won the hearts of hundred thousands web publishers.
Launched in 2000
Do you want to rise on internet? Try google adwords that will spread your ads to thousands of the websites online that will surely results in a fruitful turnout.
Google Docs:
Launched in 2010
An excellent platform to store your documents, powerpoint presentations and spreadsheets online along with some excellent features. It allows you to store up to 10 GB of your data online. Google Docs will soon be replaced with Google Drive that has cloud storage and many newest features.
Bought by google in 2006
The largest video sharing website on internet which offers free space to its users to upload their videos. Originally Youtube was launched and maintained by a group of three friends but was bought by Google in November 2006.
Google Maps:
Launched in 2005
Did you ever imagine that you’d be able to view a live preview of the locations you wanna drive? Google maps made it possible for you where you can search for streets and driving directions for majority countries of the world.
Google Bookmarks:
Launched in 2005
An excellent service to store your bookmarks online so you can access them anywhere. This service is available for everyone who has google account.
Now you can explore the moon, the mars, stars and the galaxies. The services names Google Moon, Google Mars and Google Sky are the products through which you can view the world outside of our world. What else you need?
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What are you trying to say?(你到底想说什么?) 
Don't be silly.(别胡闹了。) 
How strong are your glasses?(你近视多少度?)
Just because.(没有别的原因。) 
It isn't the way I hoped it would be.(这不是我所盼望的。) 
You will never guess.(你永远猜不到。) 
No one could do anything about it.(众人对此束手无措。) 
I saw something deeply disturbing.(深感事情不妙。)
Money is a good servant but a bad master.(要做金钱的主人,莫做金钱的奴隶。) 
I am not available.(我正忙着) 
Wisdom in the mind is better than money in the hand.(脑中的知识比手中的金钱更重要) 
Never say's a piece of cake.别泄气,那只是小菜一碟。 
Don't'll get use to it soon.别担心,很快你就会习惯的。 
I konw how you feel.我明白你的感受。 
You win lose some.胜败乃兵家常事。 
Don't bury your head in the sand.不要逃避现实。 
I didn't expect you to such a good job.我没想到你干得这么好。 
You are coming alone well.你做得挺顺利。 
She is well-build.她的身材真棒。 
You look neat and fresh.你看起来很清纯。 
You have a beautiful personality.你的气质很好。 
You flatter me immensely.你过奖啦。 
You should be slow to judge others.你不应该随意评论别人。 
I hope you will excuse me if i make any mistake.如有任何错误,请你原谅 
It was most careless ofme.我太粗心了。

It was quite by accident.真是始料不及。 
I wish i had all the time i'd ever wasted,so i could waste it all over again.我希望所有被我浪费的时间重新回来,让我再浪费一遍。 
I like you the way you were.我喜欢你以前的样子。 
You two go ahead to the movie without me,i don't want to be a third wheel.你们两个自己去看电影吧,我不想当电灯泡。 
Do you have anyone in mind?你有心上人吗? 
How long have you known her?你认识她多久了? 
It was love at frist sight.一见钟情 
I'd bettle hit the books.我要复习功课啦。 
a piece of one's mind .直言不讳 
He gave me a piece of mind,"Don't shift responsibility onto others."他责备道:“不要把责任推卸到别人身上。” 
a cat and dog life 水火不容的生活 
The husband and his wife are always quarrelling,and they are leading a cat and dog life.这对夫妇老是吵架,相互之间水火不容。 
a dog's life 潦倒的生活 
The man lived a dog's life.这个人生活潦倒。 
A to Z 从头至尾 
I know that from A to Z. 我很了解这件事。 
above somebody 深奥 
Well,this sort of talk is above me.我不懂你们在讲什么。 
all ears 全神贯注地倾听着 
When you tell Mary some gossip,she is all ears.跟Mary讲一些小道消息,她会听地仔仔细细。 
all the more 更加,益发 
You'll be all the better for a holiday.度一次假,对你会更有好处。 
all dressed up 打扮得整整齐齐 
She is all dressed up and nowhere to go.她打扮得整整齐却无处炫耀。 
all in all 总的说来;最心爱的东西 
The daughter is all in all to him.女儿是他的无价宝。 
all out 竭尽全力 
They went all out.他们鼓足了干劲。 
all over 全部结束;浑身,到处 
Glad,it is all over.这事全部结束了,好得很。 
I'm wet all over.我浑身都湿了。 
all set 准备就绪 
He is all set for an early morning start.他已做好清晨出发的一切准备。 

all you have to do 需要做得是 
All you have to do is to calm yourself down and wait for the good news.你需要做得是静下心来等好消息。 
as easy as falling of a log /as easy as snapping your fingers /as easy as ABC 容易得很 
To me,a good story teller,it would be as easy as falling of a log. 
as busy as a bee 非常忙 
Mum is always as busy as a bee in the moring.妈妈每天早上都忙得不可开交。 
at one's fingertips 了如指掌 
How to get at that little island is at his fingertips.他知道怎么去那个小岛。 
at one's wit's end 智穷 
Don't ask him.It is also at his wit's end.不要问他了,他也不知道。 
big shot 大人物,大亨 
He is a big shot in our little town. 
black sheep 败家子,害群之马 
Every family has a black sheep.家家有本难念的经。 
black and blue 遍体鳞伤 
The thief was caught of red-handed and beaten black and blue.那个小偷当场被抓住并被打得青一块紫一块的。 
black and white 白纸黑字 
The proof is in black and white and the murderer has no any excuses.证据确凿,凶手再也无话可说。 
blind alley 死胡同 
You are heading into a blind alley.你正在钻牛角尖。 
blow hot and cold 摇摆不定 
This guy seemed to have no own idea.He always blew hot and cold.这家伙好象没什么主张,总是摇摆不定。 
blow one's own trumpet 自吹自擂 
Don't blow your own tumpet.Let us see what on earth you can do.不要自吹自擂了,让我们看看你到底能做什么。 
born with a silver in one's mouth 出生在富贵人家 
He is born with a silver in one's mouth.他是含着金钥匙出生的。 
bland new 崭新的 
a bland new coat 新衣服 
break the ice 打破沉默 
The couple hadn't spoken to each other for a week.They were both waiting for the other one to break the ice.这对夫妇已经一个星期没说过话了。两人都在等另一方先开口。 
by a blow 无意中的一击 
He is beaten to the ground by a blow.他被击到在地。 
can't stand it any longer 不能再忍受了 
I can't stand it any longer,I quit.我再也忍受不了了,我走。 
carry something too far 过火了 
You are carrying your joke too far.你玩笑开得太过分了。 
castle in the sky 海市蜃楼 
You plan is nearly a castle in the sky.你的计划简直就是空想。 
cats got one's tongue 哑口无言 
chain smoker 老烟枪 
come up with 产生,想出 
Let me come up with some ideas.让我想一想。 
come easily 容易 
Languages come easily to some people.有些人能够很容易地掌握语言。 
cup of tea 喜欢 
Movies are not my cup of tea.我不喜欢看电影。 
cut it out 停止,住嘴 
Cut it out!I can't stand you any longer. 
call it a day 不再做下去,停止(某种活动) 
Let us call it a day,stop.这一天工作够了,停工吧! dark horse 黑马 
Nobody considered that John would win the game.He was a dark horse in the final. 
dear John letter 绝交信 
Jack received a dear John letter from his girlfriend because he had broken her heart. 
do somone good 对某人有好处 
Having some moring exercises does you good. 
Do you get me? 你明白我的意思吗? 
doesn't count 这次不算 
It doesn't count this time,try again. 
doesn't make sense 不懂;没有任何意义 
The sentence you made doesn't make any sense to me. 
down and out 穷困潦倒 

Being down and out,he couldn't support his family. 
drive at 用意,意欲 
What's he driving at?他用意何在? 
drop in 偶然拜访 
I dropped him in on my way to the hospital. 
drop me a line 写信给我 
On arriving the University,please drop me a line. 
early bird 早起的人 
An early bird catchs worms。捷足先登 
easy come easy go 来得快去得也快 
eat my words 收回前言,认错道歉 
I said something bad to my mum.Although I want to eat my words back, it didn't work,for I had hurt my mum's feeling. 
face the music 直面困难 
He knew he'd never get away with it so he decided to face the music and give himself up to the police.他知道自己不可能逃脱,因此决定一人做事一人当——向警察自首。 
face up to 勇敢地面对某事 
You must learn to face up to your responsibilities. 
fed up 厌倦 
I am rather fed up with your complaints. 
feel free to do something 不要拘束 
Please feel free to make suggestions. 
few and far between 很少,稀少 
Human beings are few and far between in this zone. 
French leave 不辞而别 
give me a headache 让人头痛 
The naughty boy gave me a headache. 
give me a hand 帮我一下 
go Dutch AA制 
God bless you 上帝保佑你 
God bless you with your examinations. 
God knows 天知道 
Got it? 明白了吗? 
green thumbs /fingers 园艺技能 
hands are full 非常忙 
have a ball 勇敢 
have had it 受够了 
I have had it with all your excuses.我受够了你的借口。 
hold water 站得住脚 
Non of his arguements seem to hold water. 
in every sense of word 在某种意义上说 
It's a lie in every sense of word.这是不折不扣的谎言。
keep an eye on 提高警惕 
kill time打发时间 
lazy bones 懒骨头 
Get up lazy bones! 
leave it to me 让我来吧 
leave me alone 别管我 
like father like son 有其父必有其子 
like it or not 不管你喜不喜欢 
make a fool of oneself 愚弄某人 
make a big money 赚大钱 
make both ends need 收支平衡 
We have to cut our expenses to make both ends need. 
make waves 引起轰动;兴风作浪 
His achievement made waves in his country. 
make yourself at home 别拘束 
no good 没有好结果 
Bad mam comes to no good. 
no kidding 不要开玩笑 
none of your bussiness 不关你的事 
not really 也不是…… 

old hand 老手 
He is an old hand at stealing. 
old story 老一套 
I am tired of it,same old story. 
on one's word of honor 以某人的人格担保 
on occasion 间或 
of one's own accord 自愿地 
packed like sardins 拥挤 
During the holidays,people in the trains are packed like sardins. 
pass away 去世 
pay the price 付出代价 
You are playing with the fire and you must pay the poice one day. 
put up with 忍受 
I cann't put up with your rudeness any more;leave my room. 
red-letter day 重要的或值得纪念的日子 
red tape 繁文缛节 
red carpet 红地毯 
run into 偶遇 
I ran into an old friend in the shop yesterday. 
run out of 用尽,缺少 
Quick,quick,we are running out of time. 
show up 炫耀 
small potatos 小人物 
so what? 那怎么样呢? 
stand up for 忍受 
suit one's taste 对某人的胃口 
sunday dress 最好的衣服 
sure thing 十有把握的事 
take one's time 尽情玩 
Take your time and enjoy it. 
take the words out of one's mouth 说出某人想说得话 
that's it 就是 
that is really something 太好了 
there is nothing I can do 我什么都不能做 
there you go 这边请 
there is nothing wrong with me 我没事 
under the table 死底下,秘密地 
under the weather 身体不适 
what's going on 怎么了 
what a man 多勇敢的人啊 
walking dictionary 活字典 
what is up 近来可好 
Hi,I haven't seen you for a long time,what's up? 
world class 一流的
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Actual animal! Called an Aye-aye, these creatures can be found only on the island of Madagascar. They are related to chimpanzees, apes, and humans. CRAZY!! GREMLIN!
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The eggs of a clown fish. The babies are ready to be born; you can see their eyes are already formed. (photo and caption by David Lopresti)

#sharewithyou   #nature   #englishlanguage  
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A look inside the heart of Google

Never-before-seen photos from the heart of Google: our data centers.  Which photo is your favorite?
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Google+ 环聊 – Google 环聊

享受生动有趣的对话体验:不但可以发送图片、表情符,甚至还能免费视频群聊。在计算机、Android 设备和 Apple 设备上均可与好友畅聊。

Cancer Research UK

The world's leading charity dedicated to beating cancer through research

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Advancing knowledge and educating students in science, technology and beyond

Google 水下搜索

飘在水里搜索是神马感觉?Google 推出水下搜索!由 NTFusion 提供技术支持。

关于视频群聊 - Google+帮助

通过 Google+ 上的视频群聊功能向最多 9 人发起视频聊天。 点击右侧的 发起视频群聊按钮,并邀请您在 Google+ 上的朋友与您进行视频聊天。了解有关视频群聊功能、要求和说明的详情。


To reach for new heights and reveal the unknown so that what we do and learn will benefit all humankind.

Wikipedia's founder will help make academic research available to all

The wealthiest university of Earth can't afford its academic journal subscriptions. Why not? Because academic journals are expensive. Now, t

Screening for breast cancer without X-rays: Lasers and sound merge in pr...

In the first phase of clinical testing of a new imaging device, researchers in the Netherlands used photoacoustics rather than ionizing radi

24 個必學的 Google+ 小技巧 (超實用)

從上個月底 Google 推出自己的社群網站 Google+ 之後,越來越多人收到了邀請函也加入了 Google+ 的世界。這個全新的網站看起來雖然長得有點像 Facebook,不過裡面卻藏了一大堆其他網站看不到的貼心功能與超實用工具。 如果你剛好也收到了 Google+ 的邀

Social Media Showdown: Twitter vs Facebook vs Google+ [INFOGRAPHIC] - Al...

Social Media Showdown: Twitter vs Facebook vs Google+ [INFOGRAPHIC]

Titanic 3D

Titanic in 3D is coming to you 2 days early! In theaters everywhere April 4, 2012.


Real-life sharing, rethought for the web

In cancer science, many 'discoveries' don't hold up

A former researcher at Amgen Inc has found that many basic studies on cancer—a high proportion of them from university labs—are unreliable,