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We wish everyone a safe and restful Fourth of July Weekend. Happy Birthday to the United States of America.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend as we recognize the sacrifices of our bravest citizens .

Dear GCP Community

GCP Students earned 45 hours of college credit this last semester. High School Seniors that will be graduating next week with College Credit are as follows:

Lilian Arnaoudoff: 46 credits
Mackenzie Kindred: 44 credits
Victoria Ferguson: 28 credits
Kayla Ackley: 18 credits
Arrick McDonnel: 18 credits
Austin Fierck: 9 credits

Junior Noah Sanderson has 36 credits.

Other students who have earned college credit this semester and their totals for the year are:

Jacob Padilla: 9 credits
Hunter Umaske: 9 credits
Angelo DeLuca: 6 credits
Francesca DeLuca: 3 credits


Dear GCP Community

The following students have been nominated by the GCP instructional staff to be the 2014/15 Student of the Year. Great Job and congratulations to these students who have demonstrated great scholarship and maturity. The winner will be announced at the End of the Year/Graduation Ceremonies on Thursday, May 28.

Joseph Abou Habib
Monique Candelario
Francesca DeLuca
Ian Falek
Victoria Ferguson
Austin Fierck
Riley Fry
Matt Owen
Miguel Ramirez
Hunter Umaske
Joy Ferguson
Maya Gray

The staff at GCP is very happy to announce that the 2014/15 Salutatorian is Austin Fierck, a student that epitomizes hard work and character. We also want to announce that both MacKenzie Kindred and Arrick McDonnell will be receiving awards for graduating from high school one year early while also getting a head start on college with both earning up to a least a semesters worth of college credit. The GCP Class of 2014/15 will rank as one of our best.

Congratulations to Lilian Aranaoudoff for earning a $36,000 scholarship to Arizona State University

Dear GCP Community

We hope every one is well. We wanted to pass some of the latest headlines from some of our past graduates. Thank you to all the alumni and their families for passing on this news.

2014 Valedictorian Josh Cardenas is doing well and completing his first year at Arizona State University.

2013 Valedictorian Mariah Frescholtz is completing her second year at Arizona State University and is considering a major in Audiology

2013 Salutatorian Marissa Yerkes is being recognized for her work studying Spanish and plans to study in Madrid next year.

2013 Graduate Joseph McCann is studying Graphic Design at his college in Colorado.

2012 Valedictorian Drew Kistler is on the Deans Honors List and is looking into graduate programs. He will be completing his English degree with a minor in History next year.

2011 Valedictorian Dylan Arbgast is working and doing well at ASU. His brother, 2009 graduate Donald Arbgast has become a Phramacy Tech at Walgreens.

2011 Graduate Natasha Souza is a Senior at ASU pursuing her studies in Engineering.

2009 Valedictorian Joseph Spadafino is working on his doctorate and has just received a job as a Birth Defects Epidemiologist for the state of Arizona. His sister, Angela, one of our 2008 Co Valedictorians earned her degree in Chemical Engineering and has a job in that profession in Mesa.

2009 Graduate Tim Goodrich is working in Menlo, Washington with a Bachelor's at WSUV majoring in accounting.

Co 2008 Valedictorian Howard Lanus is pursuing both graduate studies and looking into securing a position.

2007 Valedictorian Arrumaisha (Sarah) Rani is completing her Masters as a Notary in Indonesia and raising her family. She spent two years as a television news anchor

2004 Valedictorian Ashley Penney is having a great time raising her three daughters.

We are very pleased to announce that Grand Canyon Prep has been blessed with two exceptional students that deserve to be the Valedictorian for the 2014/15 School Year. They are Kayla Ackley and Lilian Arnaoudoff. Both are credits to our school program. Congratulations to them and their families. They will be presented with their awards at the End of the Year/Graduation Ceremonies on May 28.

Congratulations to the below students who have been nominated by Grand Canyon Prep teachers to be the Student of the Month for April.

Gabbi Baltzley
Maggie Behm
Olivia Blaine
Andrew Boyer
Monique Candelario
Mariah Chavez
Levi Cox
Santana Duran
Jenesy Espinoza
Cheyenne Herrera
Hanna Holgerson
Gabrielle Lee
Chimera Price
Miguel Ramirez
Santana Storms

Congratulations to Austin Fierck for earning a two year scholarship from the East Valley Institute of Technology Assistance League
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