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New blog post~The Wonder of October~Come see what's new for October and share your traditions for the season!
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It's my birth month, too - and a beginning of my favorite season :) thank you for posing this! Definitely brought a smile to my face
Happy early birthday then! Mine's the 26th when's yours? Glad you enjoyed
Seriously, I have now list my post twice! Here I go trying again: back atcha, +Sofia Day ! Mine is Oct 29 (mom couldn't wait an extra couple of days to give me a cool birthdate! All the more unfair, btw, because Gram is a Christmas baby, grandfather had been a New Year Day one, and hubby +Eugene Teplitskyeug was born on the day of the Soviet Revolution!)
It's so nice to connect with you. Isn't fall just beautiful this year? One of my favorite times! Enjoy!
+Lisa Gus I know just how you feel! I've always told my mom "couldn't you just wait 5 more days!" but I guess it wasn't really up to her ;)

+Jinger Jarrett likewise! I look forward to getting to know you & all the author wonderful writers I've met! I <3 fall!
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