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New blog post~The Wonder of October~Come see what's new for October and share your traditions for the season!
The Wonder of October. October is my favorite month of the year. There are many reasons for this! For starters, it's my birth month and who doesn't love their birth month? But there's so m...
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It's my birth month, too - and a beginning of my favorite season :) thank you for posing this! Definitely brought a smile to my face
Happy early birthday then! Mine's the 26th when's yours? Glad you enjoyed
Seriously, I have now list my post twice! Here I go trying again: back atcha, +Sofia Day ! Mine is Oct 29 (mom couldn't wait an extra couple of days to give me a cool birthdate! All the more unfair, btw, because Gram is a Christmas baby, grandfather had been a New Year Day one, and hubby +Eugene Teplitskyeug was born on the day of the Soviet Revolution!)
+Lisa Gus I know just how you feel! I've always told my mom "couldn't you just wait 5 more days!" but I guess it wasn't really up to her ;)

+Jinger Jarrett likewise! I look forward to getting to know you & all the author wonderful writers I've met! I <3 fall!
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