Grim portents/dungeon moves for The Keep on the Borderlands
This is the list referred to in the latest Fear of a Black Dragon, which I wanted to share at least in part to draw your attention to Dunkey Halton's online demon generator.

- You hear the distant tolling of a sinister bell, somewhere within the mountain.
- A portion of the floor falls away to reveal the labyrinth - irregular tunnels that connect all the “regular” levels of the caves
- You hear the sound of battle in the tunnels somewhere (hohools and wormlings fighting)
- Spell of confusion: The party find themselves lost in the labyrinth (even if they have stuck to the ‘regular’ tunnels)
- Crude drawing scratched on the wall of a creature with a flower for a head. (See +Dunkey Halton’s Yoon-Suin demon generator: )
- The scent of acrid incense wafts down the tunnel.
- The Great Bell is rung
- The demon patron, Vorb the Wise, arrives
Yoon-Suin Demon Generator
Yoon-Suin Demon Generator
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