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Justin Van Kleeck
Grumpy vegan.
Grumpy vegan.

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Sonnet: To Death
often I have sewn my heart, Enwrapped
my flesh within the shroud you spread, Like
breath at birth is every needle’s dart, Like
birth is breathing till the nerves are dead. Inside
the veil, the warp and woof of steel Secure
me, soothing me to smooth ...

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There Is No Happiness in Things
There is no happiness in things, Image credit: No lasting beauty, peace, or joy, Except in spells poor bards deploy. The world’s a song the thrasher sings: All improv with no melody, A tune that holds our hearts...

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Hymn to a Dying Sun
O fiery father: Take your burning brand From off my back. No longer can I see the sky, No longer feel the Earth-- The two old gods who Hold me here, These elements and familiars, Who are scorched And turning into ash, Beneath the torch of your touch-- Like ...

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I am not a vegan foodie by any means, but Natalie Slater's Bake and Destroy is so much fun to follow. I had the privilege to chat with her some about her black magic with vegan recipes and her love of heavy metal and hardcore, horror movies, and professional wrestling, among other things. READ THIS NOW!

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Vegan Publishers just launched a crowdfunding campaign for How to Eat a Rainbow, a raw vegan recipe book for kids. Click the link to watch the trailer and then contribute via Indiegogo. I think I want a copy myself!

How to Eat a Rainbow: Magical Raw Vegan Recipes for Kids!

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"In My Own Light": Samuel Hartman of Anagnorisis on Veganism and Black Metal
Photo: Starla Hale Loud music has been a part of my life for over twenty years. I have been (metaphorically) praising Satan much, much longer than I have been praising seitan as a vegan. Over the years, since going vegan in 1999, death and black metal and v...

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It is the FINAL day to support the rescue mission for Bubba the Ram! It ends tonight...and we have only $28 more dollars to raise to meet our goal of $750! Can you chip in to give this guy a great home?

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We are now fundraising to rescue Bubba the Ram, who has become a celebrity around central North Carolina! A rescue network has offered to take him, so now we just need to raise money so we can buy (rescue) him from auction and then give him a good forever home! Please support and share our effort to rescue Bubba: $1, $5, $10, $50, or any amount you can give will all go to support Bubba's well-being. Thanks!

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So much going on for Vegan Night Out! More restaurants and businesses are participating, we have gotten some amazing sponsors, and the following night's event in Staunton is all set as well! Find out more on the Vegan Night Out website, and join the event(s) on Facebook...then come out on September 17th!
- VNO on Facebook:
- Staunton event:
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