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Digital customer care bot is robot software which will work as customer care representative or sales representative. This bot is made by using the concept of artificial intelligence which will work on Facebook and messenger or any other website as responsible representative ,will respond to any customer queries, will show products in a way which will influence customers to buy more products and also will help customers in placing their orders. It will increase its intelligence through self-learning system and will provide solutions to newly arise customer queries in a dynamic way.
It will provide solutions in two ways. One will be answering customer questions (messenger bot) and another will be through comments (Comments Order). Assume you are in a Facebook page to buy a product , messenger bot will show you products as sales representative , will answer your questions and will help you till you place your order. Or assume that you want a buy a specific product and you want to place the order without wasting time, just comment your order number, phone number, email address, your address and your order will be placed.
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We have made two core model to provide customer care service in ecommerce site and in restaurants. But it can be used in any department. If the customer care bot is used in every ministry and in every department, an amazing model will be set towards digital Bangladesh slogan of our honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. In elections, questions of the citizens might be answered using this bot.
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It can be used in any language, and in any sector. However, the use of it in certain fields can give amazing results; such as, to order restaurant foods. Using this in real estate, insurance, ecommerce site as customer care representative will help increase the organizations sales. It can be used as primary information portal for various government sectors. For example: in Board of Investment, digital customer care bot can be used to answer round the clock for an investor’s queries. It can be used to publish success stories of the government. Millions of people apply for new passport every year, some apply for renewal. In the process of doing so, people suffer because of some corrupted people which devalues government image. Customer care bot can be used to reduce this kind of harassment. In the ministry of religion, the bot can be used to serve the Hajis. The city corporation may use it to provide different services to its citizens flawlessly. Tourism ministry, trade ministry might use it. Board of revenue, VAT authority might use it. Government might use it to answer questions to the citizens/voters in elections.
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Digital customer care bot is a platform which will increase productivity and sales of an organization using social media round the clock in a very low cost. It can be used in any type of organization whether it’s a commercial, charity, NGO or any government ministry. Let me give you an example: Suppose a fast food shop is using customer care bot service. A customer ordered pizza from the other corner of the universe for his/her dearest one. Digital customer care bot will not only take the order but it will automatically print the order for the cook so that he/she can start making the pizza. But earlier the scenario was different. Manager had to check the email, print it and give it to the chef, only after that the cook could start making the pizza. The day is not too far when business organization will not have to do anything but only maintain stock and packaging, digital care bot will take care of promotion, advertisement, selling automatically.
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