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John Duimovich
Father, Fisherman, Software Developer, Team
Father, Fisherman, Software Developer, Team

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Soup Ottawa micro-grant evening - beer and interesting presentations - find out more 
Soup Ottawa Fall 2015
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Excellent  fishing  trip to Plummers Lodge on Great Bear Lake in the NWT. If you like fishing for lake trout, this is the place to do it. 
Plummers Lodge 2015
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Eastern Canadian Championship 2013
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Chrome tells me I don't have the correct media player but with a simple "click here", I should be good. Microsoft installed a Firefox plugin for my click. No Joy.

Don't use twitter very often but the one time I try to connect today I get the fail whale, over capacity. I thought they had new scalable infrastructure ?

Thinking of the sad sight of my precious outboard being taken apart to the sounds of cha-ching and fist pumping by the mechanics.

no pc software works as claimed. none.
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