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Goal: Get my dog on my watch. Check! 

Congrats to +TimothyJordan, +WaynePiekarski, and Joshua Gordon, for an awesome online course on how to build apps for Android watches, TV, and auto. 

Take the class free at and you too can build a watch app featuring your favorite dog (OK, OK, or cat, or terrapin, or parrot or ...)

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Last month at #io15  we announced a number of new Android courses with +Udacity, including Advanced Android App Development. This course is designed to teach you how to make your apps production-ready, and covers advanced tools and concepts, including material design approaches, image handling, performance profiling and more!

To help you learn more about the course, we're hosting our second "Ask the Experts" live streamed session! In this episode, join course instructors Dan Galpin, Ian Lake and Joanna Smith, in conversation with veteran instructor Reto Meier, to learn more about the origins of the course, benefits to developers, and how to get started. 

Live stream here:

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Here's a quick trailer for the online courses to help you build Android apps. There's a course for you, whatever your skill level.


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On Thursday, May 28, 2015, Google Developers announced its Android Nanodegree with +Udacity designed for busy people to learn new skills and advance their careers in a short amount of time from anywhere. To help you learn more about this program and and courses within it, Google & Udacity are partnering up for an "Ask the Experts" live streamed series! In this first episode, Join +Sebastian Thrun, +Peter Lubbers & Jocelyn Becker who will be answering your questions on the Nanodegree.

Live stream link:

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We've launched the Android Nanodegree and a bunch of new Android dev courses. #learnandroidnow  
Introducing new Android training programs with Udacity

We know how important it is for you to efficiently develop the skills to build better Android apps and be successful in your jobs. To meet your training needs, we’ve partnered with +Udacity to create Android training courses, ranging from beginner to more advanced content, as well as the newly announced Android Nanodegree, an education credential designed for busy people to learn new skills and advance their careers in a short amount of time from anywhere at any time. 

To learn more about our Android training programs with Udacity, check out the blog post below, or RSVP for our live "Ask the Experts" session with +Sebastian Thrun,+Peter Lubbers and Jocelyn Becker on Wednesday, June 3rd at 2pm PDT. (

#AndroidDev   #Udacity  

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Jos and Dorote at the Google I/O After Party. Yes, we are working very hard.

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Watch this great trailer for the Android Nanodegree, announced today at Google I/O. We launched several new Android courses, and more coming very soon. 

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Announcing the Android Nanodegree and a bunch more Android dev courses. Courses are all online, all the time.

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New online course by Android Performance Guru Colt McAnlis. Learn how to optimize performance of your Android apps. No more battery drain for your users! #PERFMATTERS

The team here has been working HARD over the past 6 months to put together a top-notch course to cover all your bases wrt Android Performance. So, if you're new to performance programming, or you just want to take your app to the next level, then go check out this fantastic resource!

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