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Dear Antifa,

What the actual fuck!?!

Please, please find a new name. Maybe "anti-YOUR-BRAND-of-fascism", or perhaps "Opposite-End-Of-The-Spectrum-Fascists".

This week, you staged a protest at the home of a neonazi a block from my work. You caused the Rose Parade to be canceled because you threatened to attack republicans. Does this really seem okay to you?

I don't like nazis, neo or not. I don't like what they stand for. I think their ideals are deluded and disgusting and I'm sad they exist in my community. But they do. And ~sigh~ they have the right to do so. People have the right to discuss whatever they want to, in the privacy of their own home. I don't have to like it, or approve. And while you have the right to speak your opinion and protest their existance, doing so in the manner that you did made you look like braying jackasses and certainly didn't help your cause.
Threatening to push and drag republicans out of a community, family-oriented parade is absolutely, 100%, uncalled for.
How do you not even understand that by trying to squash the voice of the Republican platform, YOU ARE THE FUCKING FASCISTS!!!
You have become the fascists that society needs to be protected from and I suggest you chew on that for a bit and reassess your intentions.
You are terrorists.
There is a time to fight, to be sure; but before you pick up your arms, or bricks, or baseball bats... You make sure that you are doing so with the utmost care to the outcome and you make DAMN sure that you're 100% ready to accept the responsibility of the war you are starting.

I'm pretty damn sure that all terrorists view themselves as "freedom fighters", the only difference is perspective.

I spent 3 hours trying to figure out how and when to lock down my facility if your protest spilled over and threatened my place of employment. I was put into a position where I had to decide how to best protect the public from people who label themselves "anti fascists".
Do you even comprehend the insanity of that?

Not only that, but I am finding myself constantly having to defend my politics and stances to differentiate myself from your fucked-up mislabeling, name-appropriating, bullshit propaganda.
And, if you can't tell, I'm not super fucking happy about it.

I am often labeled a "bleeding heart liberal". I have been a self-proclaimed democratic socialist for a really long fucking time. And I am sick of being lumped in with your hypocritical social fucking justice.
I am a democratic socialist, not by choice, but because of circumstance. Were people inherently good, there would be no need for social programs. People who could, would, out of the kindest of their heart because it's the right thing to do. But because people don't, we have to come up with an alternative. Social programs. I, to the core of my being, believe in equal rights, opportunities, and justice... for every single person, no matter how much I, on a personal level, hate every fiber of their being.

I am also a gun-toting defender of the constitution of this once great nation. That means that I support people's Constitutional Right to be whatever fucked up asshole jerk they choose to be, UNTIL it impedes on someone else's Constitutional Rights of the pursuit of LIFE, LIBERTY, HAPPINESS, AND FREEDOM.

So Dear Fucking Antifa.... change your goddamn name.
And please quit forcing me to defend the rights of Nazi scum. IT REALLY DOESN'T FUCKING SIT WELL WITH ME!!

Please. Thank you. Go fuck yourselves.


I'll be the super angry, gun-toting, bleeding heart liberal standing next to her black fiance, counter-protesting your deluded response to a righteous cause.

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We spent Earth Day with a nice little walk and foraging some wilds. 
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Car Kits
I think car kits are probably the easiest place to start with actually putting components together into an organized unit. So that's where we start!! By this point, if you haven't identified your concerns, objectives, and goals... I'm not quite sure why you...

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Guest Posters....
One of the most important things you can acknowledge is that you can't know everything about everything. At work, as a team lead and a trainer, I always drill this into everyone. "You don't have to know all the answers, you just need to know where to go to ...

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Hey Ladies!!!
I don't want to exclude anyone. There are plenty of single dads out there, or men who prep for their family and maybe their gal doesn't participate... you might wanna stick around, but BEWARE!! I'm going to talk periods and uncomfortable girlie things. I've...

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