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How to Use GoodReads to Generate Amazon and GoodReads Reviews
I had no clue this was a legitimate possibility. Alinka Rutkowska, a successful children's author and author coach, has a new, inexpensive online course to show you how to go about connecting with readers on GoodReads in order to generate reviews. In the c...

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Download a FREE Copy of The Predator and The Prey! Meet Inspector Thomas Sullivan!
From May 16 through the 20th, The Predator and The Prey , the first book in my Inspector Thomas Sullivan series of scifi thrillers is FREE via Amazon's Kindle. Get your FREE copy! Meet Inspector Thomas Sullivan as he arrives at his new home world, the froze...

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Last Train To Nowhere Now In Print - Available for FREE in a GoodReads Giveaway!
The second novel in Inspector Thomas Sullivan Series, Last Train to Nowhere , is now available from Amazon in both Kindle and paperback editions! Enter to win a signed copy from a GoodReads Giveaway! The contest will end June 10, 2017.         Goodreads Boo...

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Facebook in Decline? What Impact Will It Have On Publishing?
I don't understand social media, which I suppose is an indicator in part of my age and Luddite ways. I teach at a "technology school" and have been forced to embrace the use of technology far more than I would if left to my own devices.  Of all the forms of...

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Take advantage of this month's GoodReads Giveaway and win one of three signed copies of The Predator and The Prey!         Goodreads Book Giveaway                                       The Predator and the Prey                       by K.C. Sivils          ...

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Special Deal - Four Books for .99 Plus How This Works! Book Promotion Opportunity Using Book Boast!
Four books for .99!   Ashley L. Hunt eBook Categories - Cyberpunk Anthology Adventure - Science Fiction Action Military Romance - Dystopian Survival Post Apocalyptic Romance - SciFi Romance Adventure Thriller - Mystery Thriller Suspense Occult Romance The r...

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Comparing Two Promotional Campaigns: KDP Select vs. Goodreads Giveaway
Getting the word out about a novel, especially a first novel, is important. Sales really aren't AS important as building an audience is. The same is true for non-fiction if you are planning on writing multiple books. Loyal readers, and the more of them you ...

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Cover Design for The Predator and The Prey Earns Recognition
I was excited to learn today the cover design for my first novel, The Predatory and The Prey , was a finalist out of 90 designs for the February 2017 cover design contest hosted each month by the good folks at Marin Bookworks, also known as the website The ...

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GoodReads Giveaway for The Predator and The Prey
From March 6 until March 24, three signed copies of The Predator and The Prey are up for grabs in a GoodReads Giveaway! Click here to participate in the FREE Giveaway. You'll need a GoodReads account to take advantage of the giveaway. There is nothing to bu...

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GoodReads Giveaway Versus KDO Select FREE Days Promotion
I just finished a three day FREE campaign on Amazon KDP Select for my novel The Predator and The Prey. Despite advertising and promoting the campaign, I only had 475 downloads. The book managed to climb as high as Number Three in the Top 100 Free for Noir C...
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