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Tony Demetriou
Pretty awesome, but not as awesome as he thinks
Pretty awesome, but not as awesome as he thinks

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+Catherine Braiding You were asking about Project Loon...

... apparently they CAN bring the balloons to where they need them.

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1965 was awesome!

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Even though I don't play it, one of the things about Overwatch that has amazed me is how much personality they pack in. Especially for a first-person-shooter where there's so little dialogue and you can only see their hands, they do an amazing job of bringing the characters to life.

(Article - why are you dissin' on Wilson Fisk? He was an awesome bad guy, and his Autism was handled beautifully, as an aspect of his behaviour and not something that defined who he was or an excuse for his badness.)

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Drumroll Please
clickthrough for animation if necessary

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Been a while since I posted an update, because I hit a roadblock. I'm hopefully past it now.

This is a very special update, because when the game starts the characters literally pull weapons out of their arses.
You're welcome.

As usual, the enemy is the guy to the left against the wall, the other two are on the player's team. One day I'll switch out the characters so you can see who's on your team and the enemy team.

So what we have in this update is:
- Better indicator which character you're selecting
- Better indicator showing where you're moving to
- Weapons! The SWAT guy in the middle has a pistol. The other guy to the right doesn't. So when you have one selected and hover over the enemy the guy with the pistol knows not to move there, the guy without the pistol still wants to move close.
- Actual attack and death behaviour! Select the Swat guy, then click on the enemy. You'll take a shot at them and either hit or miss. If you hit they fall down dead. If you miss they still fall down dead, but then get back up (I don't have a dodging animation yet) (If you use the unarmed guy to attack it'll shot the attack message in the infobox, but not actually move or animate anything)
- Annoying background music. You'll hate me by the end. Also sound effects for weapons.

So, I still need to work on the following things:
- Make the hand-to-hand attack animated
- Better shoot/dodge/die animations
- Make movement/running animations
- Better controls for selecting & changing characters
- Better controls for moving the camera
- Actual gameplay (e.g. "You win!" if all enemies are killed)
- Enemy AI & reactions
- Different coloured indicators so you know if you're hovering over an ally or enemy
- Better terrain

URL to test out the progress so far is:

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