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A warm welcome is like a hug to the heart
A warm welcome is like a hug to the heart

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Hey Guys, here are some things about me, It may not be too much but soon it'll be alot
1. My username was shortened to TOFX
2. I reply to almost anything as long as it tags me
3. My Chao is named Toffy
4. refer to me as Thomas or TOFX, either one is fine.
5. Pepperoni is best pizza (I have my opinions)
6. Fan-games are in development (
7. I have a Back Up Page that'll have old stuff (
8. MEMAYS are accepted, no bitcoins allowed.
9. My facebook/twitter is @toffyflame
10. I do sprites and art occasionally

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Jet laughing like a psychotic maniac (Literally the funniest thing ever)

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Dark Matter's new design.

BTW It took me 1 hour 25 minutes and 7 seconds to time this screenshot

Jet from Sonic Riders in a nutshell
(Original video was lost) +Peter Knetter's Video

The theory that Kirby is Galacta Knight is dumb.

Kirby beats this dude no problem, plus Galacta Knight is magenta, not only that but kirby wouldn't grow wings and he would always prefer to not use an ability (By default not by the player and only unless forced to by Meta Knight or Dedede)

I honestly want to see a main kirby community on G+
I'm still dreaming

It Shurrican't live up to the expectations of this communty

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Did you know that if you (yourself) order the emeralds correctly you can see their true order.
Based on the order seen in Sonic X and Sonic Rush the best possible order is listed below credit to +Stormy Powers for the photo rips. The art is not his or mine.

Strength Ranking for the Chaos Emeralds (This info will be applied to my sonic multiverse, this also took 2 hours to make)

Red: It's the easiest to obtain of the seven emeralds, it also resembles fire and the start of a new adventure.

Ranked 7th in Chaos Radiation

Ability in 5th rank: Can burst out fiery embers if element is harnessed

Blue: Emits more than red, this chaos emerald represents lightning. Collecting this emerald isn't too much harder than red, but it shows you that further on it'll be no joke. This emerald oddly enough appears in lots of locations where energy can be conducted

Ranked 6th in Chaos Radiation

Ability in 5th rank: Can strike controlled lightning if element is harnessed

Light Blue: Emitting more than red and blue, this emerald is a bit more difficult to collect, it also appears in areas that can be critical to finding the other emeralds.

Ranked 5th in Chaos Radiation

Ability in 5th rank: Can sweep large torrents of water if element is harnessed

Green: Emitting more than the previous 3 emeralds, green just like it's element; always goes with the flow. It generally appears in random places and is a bit more difficult than the previous emeralds

Ranked 4th in Chaos Radiation

Ability in 4th rank: Can blast a uncontrollable gust of wind, makes aircrafts/rotary systems preform better if element is harnessed

Yellow : Emitting more than the previous 4 emeralds, yellow appears in the most dangerous locations. It is also mildly challenging but you'll have a harder time getting to it than you would getting it

Ranked 3rd in Chaos Radiation

Ability in 3rd rank: Can unleash quakes and change terrain, also increases strength, durability, and stamina drastically if element is harnessed

Gray: Emitting more than the other 5 emeralds, this emerald is pretty painful to get, a lot of the time it can be found in factories/laboratories who want to research it but all have fallen to it's destructive ability. It's also known as that DAMN FOURTH CHAOS EMERALD!

Ranked 2nd in Chaos Radiation

Ability in 2nd rank: Can alter gravity, create wormholes, and create machinery if element is harnessed

Purple: Emitting more than the other 6 emeralds, this emerald radiates so much chaos energy that it's super dangerous to your health, This emerald is ridiculously hard to find and obtain, it has the ability to change it's location at will and will devastate all who try to earn it in the special zone. It wasn't even known to exist in Sonic's first adventure.

Ranked 1st and most dangerous in Chaos Radiation

Ability in 1st rank: Can teleport, can alter time and space, and can deactivate other emeralds if element is harnessed
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Conclusion: Persona and Sonic don't blend well (Google search)

Would you give sans the save file if he gave you all of the chocolate in the world?
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