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Be smart, save money and don't waste your time
Be smart, save money and don't waste your time

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First release of 1.5 version has been deployed and will be available soon.
There is a logo change, and some work has been done to improve performance and reduce startup time.

Version 1.4

Following various requests, i want to share next version's features, starting by now.
Version 1.4 will add a startup page where it's possible to see stats for all accounts in same place. Actually is expected to show current month chart for all accounts, today and tomorrow amount for each one and sum of all these.
Also will be added landscape layout to fit in tablets and android M permission compatibility. 

I guess all reported bugs are solved, except a crash reported yesterday that will be released in stable version (only 1 bugfix remains)..

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New version with using Google Drive to sync and backup accounts is available in Beta Channel.

New release is still incomplete but fully working. Here is the list of actually missing features:
- encryption in Drive file
- button to share file to another Google account
- some small interface details, like last sync detail

However, Drive sync is temporally free.

Join beta community, is available for all!

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La nuova versione con sincronizzazione cloud è disponibile per il download nella community beta.

La versione è ancora incompleta ma funzionante. Ecco l'elenco delle funzionalità mancanti:
- formato di file criptato
- pulsante per condivisione di conto con altro utente Drive
- dettagli di interfaccia quali data di ultima sincronizzazione o simili

L'utilizzo della funzionalità Drive è temporaneamente gratuito.

Ricordo che l'accesso alla community beta è aperto a tutti!

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App for personal finance, focused on balance forecast. Give a try!

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