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Clay Shaw
Gadget fan. Food fan. Baseball fan. Ceiling Fan.
Gadget fan. Food fan. Baseball fan. Ceiling Fan.

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OK guys, I know I've been largely absent on G+ as of late, but I have been focusing more on Twitter and Instagram. The move was more because Facebook has been getting on my nerves, and G+ really isn't that different of a format (even though the engagement on G+ is much better).

So yeah, if you want to keep up with me on a network where I'm more active, head to Twitter and Instagram!


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Is anyone here a fellow citizen of Asgardia?

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Apparently, Google thinks I work for them.

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I'm hoping all of you made it through the storm without any major damage.

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The #1 reason why I am anxiously awaiting the release of #Allo. I get this message a few times a day. It's most inconvenient when I've written a longer message, and then have to start all over.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled #Hangouts to no effect. Please +Google and release Allo already!

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Android Nougat has arrived, and been dissected by all the major tech sites.

Still no word on Allo.

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I'm going to get a bit personal for a moment, so you're just gonna have to bear with me. Cancer is a son of a bitch. As if you didn't know.

One year ago, the University of South Carolina, my family, and myself, lost someone very dear to us. At only 54 years old, our beloved Denise Shaw had her time cut drastically short by an aggressive pancreatic cancer.

Unfortunately, we can never get her light to shine again, but we can make sure her legacy continues, so I am asking a favor of you.

Denise loved helping people. When she was younger she became a nurse to aid people directly. Later in life, she pursued another career and achieved her PhD and became a Professor at the University of South Carolina Union campus. She was now helping people to better themselves, and hearing how many of her students cared for her, she was doing a fantastic job at it. After she passed, we established an Endowed Scholarship Fund through the University of South Carolina so that she can continue to help those help themselves.

This is my favor... if you have a few dollars you can spare to a good cause, please consider a donation to the Dr. Denise R. Shaw Memorial Scholarship. Funds from this scholarship will be given on a yearly basis to a single extraordinary student to assist them with purchasing books and school supplies. It was the best way we could think of to make sure she lives on. The flyer we created with more information can be found here:

I understand that most of you don't know me personally, and donating to a cause for someone you've never met may seem a bit odd. I get that. If you don't wish to donate to the scholarship fund, may I suggest a donation to the American Cancer Society? Cancer is an incredibly ugly disease that I wouldn't wish on anyone, and the ACS can use all the help they can get to find a cure.

#TeamDenise #cancer #americancancersociety #uscunion #usc #pancreaticcancer #cancersucks #hugyourlovedones

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I'm on a podcast! A friend of mine has created a podcast called about comics and beer called Heroes and Hops, and I was invited to be on the inaugural episode, in which we give our thoughts on the recently released Warner Brothers film 'Suicide Squad'. It is on iTunes and Google Play Music, so a search will help you find it there, or you can listen to it on SoundCloud right now:

Let me know what you think!

#suicidesquad #comics #deadshot #harleyquinn #willsmith #margotrobbie #batman #benaffleck #soundcloud #podcast

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So, Google has rolled out Duo, the video chat app they announced a few months ago. And within those few months I have seen all of ZERO people say they were waiting for Duo to be released. On the other side, I have seen people on every social network say they were waiting for Allo, the cross-platform chat app that was announced at the same time.

I just find it strange that Google has released the less anticipated app first.
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