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I will be demo'ing Hearthstone for anyone who wants to watch. Watch me play a few matches, open a few packs, and get your questions answered live over video and voice chat.

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More "verifiable facts" from Fox News!

 These "verifiable facts" aren't historically correct. Aren't Biblical correct. Aren't Christian. They're just dumb and an insult to everyone. 

Also: Drag Queen Santa? I have no idea what that is, but  now I kinda have to see it. And long live Penguin Santa! 

The Tiger That Ate Its Master

"America needs a strong, rational, positive, practical conservative movement. It needs that bulwark against liberal delusion and hubris. It needs a voice that says we are imperfect, that life is complex, that government can create need even as it meets need, that you can’t fix everything and freedom is worth some danger and sorrow. And there are smart, honest conservatives at the ready to be that voice, to help govern practically and sincerely with that voice, but they are drowned out by the guttural scream of craven utopians raging against reality."

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I think Glenn  is on to something here folks. Google Glasses, The Terminator, Singularity... how ARE we gonna do that?

If you care about the Separation of Powers in the Federal Government,  you better hope Obama and the Democrats hold. 

 If the Congress is allowed to short circuit the legislative process and repeal, alter, remove any law at any time by threatening the funding of the government or the credit of the nation, you have essentially made the Congress the only Legislative body and effectively destroyed the power of the executive branch. You have ended all debate and all the checks and balances between the branches. Obama  and Reed can never allow such a strategy to be rewarded. 

Imagine Conservative President Ted Cruz and Senate Majority Leader McConnell facing a challenge from a Democratically controlled congress. The Congress says that unless President Cruz passes a single payer HealthCare system, budget increases for the EPA and IRS, they will defund the government and not approve the debt limit. Comply and President Cruz gets 2 weeks of Government Funding.  After those 2 weeks Democrats will demand, a constitutional Gay Marriage amendment and an Amnesty Granting Immigration Reform bill,  in return for two more weeks of Government Funding. Democrats claim these are all "bad laws" that "don't work" so we must change them. What would you suggest President Cruz roll over for that? Would you accuse President Cruz of not negotiating with that tactic. 

President Obama has said repeatedly Obama care isn't perfect. If Republicans want to work to improve it he's open to negotiation. But he cannot allow this tactic to succeed. For the sake of the nation and future Presidents and Senators and the nation. This Tea Party shutdown/debt ceiling gambit cannot be allowed to succeed. 

How to Deal With a Bully

A neighborhood bully is different than some random mugger. If some random jerk sticks you up for your cash, you can give it up if you need to because chances are you'll never see that jerk again. But if you let a neighborhood bully take your pocket change today, he'll take your jacket tomorrow, and your shoes the day after that.

You don't negotiate with that kind of bully. You don't even wait to hear what he wants. It doesn't matter what he wants. You gotta put that kind of bully down. You got to bury him. Bury him so deep he never forgets. 

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I stopped posting politics to G+ but the stupid... the stupid always brings me back. And it never ends... Just when you think it couldn't possibly get dumber,  it does, and I need someone... anyone... to explain.  I can't even...
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