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Gina Wray
Breathing since 1995
Breathing since 1995

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“The Perks of Exercising Every Day of Your Life”

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Learn Why. This is so great for anyone, no matter what your circumstances!

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Awesome video!

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Keep with it: MLM
Right now I am just in the starts of my business and I wanted to share about sticking to this. When you don't try then you will never get to where the top dogs are. You are doing something that many people don't want to do or can't do. They won't understand...

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This has been a rough week
So far this week I have been so dragged down. I am super tired and I just feel yucky. I honestly can not wait to get my package in the mail. I know that many people will be skeptical and wonder why I am doing a "diet plan" that may seem like a "Fad diet" fi...

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Daily Inspirations: Your downline
I am now currently learning about downlines for network marketing. Of course you want to be sure that you are in a good company and that it will be reliable. Now this picture may tick you off, but it shouldn't. Also don't think just because this looks like ...

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Daily Dose of Health: Relationship
How many of you are in a relationship? Do you spend time with that person? If you said no, you may not be in that relationship long. Be in a relationship with your body and do some workouts to be healthy.   

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I am ready to better my #Health  and to become #physicallyfit  

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 I would personally like to say that I am excited to get into being healthy. I have an amazing supervisor and a personal plan to lose weight and look great. My mentor, Tim, is confident in me and my willingness to work hard and learn. He believes that even ...
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