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RAID Doest Not Show up in Windows Computer
Array Does Not Show up in My Windows 7 Computer? " Hello,
I do have two WD 1TB hard drives used on a RAID array on my Windows XP
computer. And then, before I upgrade the OS of this computer from this Windows
XP to Windows 7, I do have unplugged this RA...

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How to Set Up a New Hard Drive on Your Computer?
Set Up a New Hard Drive on My Windows Computer? " Hello,
what can I do to set up a new hard disk on my computer to instead an old and
died HD? In fact, I have used this old HD on this Windows 7 desktop computer
for several years and find it recently ge...

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How to Add More Memory for Your PC
More Memory on Your PC? " Hello,
recently, my computer frequently freezes while I am playing games or enjoying
some movies. And then, I have to reboot this computer to restore its common
use. And honestly, I do have about 560GB internal hard disk users...

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Computer SSD Keeps Freezing or Crashing
Computer Storage Issues: SSD Keeps Freezing or Crashing. What to Do? " Hello,
about two weeks ago, my old internal HDD used on my Windows 7 computer was
failed and I replaced it with a new SSD. However,
it had not been used about one week and my ...

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How to Choose a Good RAID Card?
Help to Find Good RAID Cards for My PC   " Hello,
everyone there! I am looking for some suggestions to choose good RAID cards for
my built computer with three RAID 1 array that is equipped with 6 SATA ports.
Moreover, I am also on a budget. And what fa...

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Computer Recovery Partition
to Know Something about Computer Recovery Partition? " Hello,
everyone there! I recently buy a new laptop and create four partitions for the
future use. However, when searching related partition information over the
internet, there are many web friends...

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A Bad Block and a Bad Sector
There Any Difference between a Bad Block & a Bad Sector? Hello,
yesterday, my computer took a really long time to restart. Hence, I immediately
launched my hard disk diagnosing software and CHKDSK to check whether it was still
OK! However, the software s...

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File or Directory Is Corrupted or Unreadable
Drive Is Not Accessible. The File or Directly Is
Corrupted or Unreadable. Situation1 : Hello! About two days ago,
my brother had moved tons of precious photos, films and files from his computer
internal hard disk to his external hard disk so that the PC did...

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Cannot Access Secondary Hard Disk
Cannot Access My Secondary Hard Disk. Please Help! Situation1 : Hello! I have installed an
HDD as a secondary hard disk on my PC. It just works fine there till yesterday.
It just stopped worked there and could not be accessed as usual. When I just
tried t...

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How to Format a Sky Hard Drive to Work for My Computer?
Use Sky Hard Disk on My PC. What to Do Now? Hello,
everyone there! I do have a Sky hard disk which is not used anywhere for
several weeks. Hence, I am wondering whether it is possible to be used on my
Windows 7 computer. Is it proper to format this Sky...
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