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Stephen Daly
May have been Batman in a past life.
May have been Batman in a past life.

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"Welcome to the tax system," sorry Revenue, you're fooling no one. That's my way of saying that, starting Monday, I have a full time job. BUT I should still be able to stay on as news editor at Gameranx and Gamemoir's co-editor.

Hundreds of hours and 74,000 words later, my book is finished.

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If anyone is interested, I've posted the first chapter of my novel here:

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Gamemoir passed 150,000 lifetime page views this morning. Check it out!

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The first 52 Weeks interview will be posted tomorrow on Gamemoir. We're still looking for writers and developers interested in taking part.

I've been playing Legends of Eisenwald and here's what I think of it - my preview:

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We announced something exciting on Gamemoir today. If you're a freelance game writer or a developer you might be interested in checking it out:

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The Folly of The Gaming Ceasefire
This post is a guest article from Tali and can be read in its original form here . This year's gaming ceasefire take place on Saturday, December 21st.      For decades, for as long as this little gamer can remember (I’m 28 for reference), we have had racing...
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