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Thomas Novosel
I am a layout guy, I also do art and write crazy weird dream stuff.
I am a layout guy, I also do art and write crazy weird dream stuff.


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Open for Commissions and Freelance Work

Hey, I...

+ Make cool art (Portfolio:

+ Make games (Website:

+ Sell original art and zines (Store:

+ Have a Patreon where I release patron exclusive art peaks and game supplements, and games (Patreon:

For Freelance Work: layout for print and digital publications,

For Art Commissions: black and white monsters, characters, and landscapes/cityscapes, etc etc

If you are interested in having me work on a project with you, or want to hire me to illustrate some stuff, send an email to:
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Does anyone else have a ps4 and destiny 2? :0
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I love this guy!

Great dude, super supportive person, and always willing to lend a hand or give a useful critique to your work.

Also, his stockart patreon is the bomb.
My RPG Stock Art project is SO close to releasing Free/PWYW art in addition to its regular stock art releases.

Would you consider supporting or boosting the signal?
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Is it just me, or is anyone else having trouble scrolling while writing g+ posts on mobile?
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I did the layout for this cool book + game.

So if your a fan of white star, I recommend checking it out. I think it came out pretty nice.

Ace Pilots, dead-eyed Gunslingers, and irrepressible Star Squirrels blast off across the stars to save the galaxy from the horrors of the Void! Hellfire Mecha march across the battlefield, leaving carnage in their wake! From the galactic center of Omega Consor to the Manrash System on the edge of the universe, the galaxy needs heroes!

Endless galactic adventure awaits you in White Star: Galaxy Edition! Integrated and updated to include material from White Star and the White Star Companion, White Star: Galaxy Edition integrates new rules, new options, and expands the original game. Now more than just a tool box, White Star: Galaxy Edition offers you a universe full of thrilling adventure!

White Star: Galaxy Edition includes:

Twenty-five character classes!
Complete rules for Starship, Vehicle, and Mecha combat!
New Starship and Vehicle Modifications!
New Aliens and Creatures!
New Equipment, Advanced Technology, and Cybernetics!
New Meditations and Gifts!
Two new forms of Mysticism: The tribal Etchings of the Yabnab and strange Chitterings of the Star Squirrels!
New Optional Rules, like Deeds Dark & Daring, to add pulp sci-fi heroics to your game!
New Star Systems: The rugged Marnash Sector and strange Scuiridae System!
White Star: Galaxy Edition is compatible with all previous White Star products and can be seemlessly integrated into White Box and other OSR material!

Print Edition coming soon! In addition, the PDF will be updated to include a character sheet and full index as soon as they are available!
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I recently have been taking a liking to mechs and mecha type stuff, enough that I got 2 books featuring a ton of sketches/art of them in action. But this jew curiousity also brought my last push to where I finished Wolfenstein The New Order.

I am working on a blog post on it and some stuff and what not. But I wanted to talk about robots for a bit.

If you are familiar with the new wolfenstein game, you'll probably know about the "black metal robotics" which is how im titling that style of mechanical monstrosities.

A black metal robo has a few features, as i can see from character concept art and in game models from wolfenstein. It has metal on its outermost layer. There are "fastenings and secure-ities?" Or buckles and straps that are visible on armor pieces that are on humans. These straps are generally leather but also have a metal layer protecting it too. Black leather is used to cover up seams between, this black leather layer may also have padding sewn onto it (sometimes elbows and knees).

But lotta metal.

So, what I wantttt to talk about is mechs and the keys to designing a cool robot?

Both on a reader understanding level, and also a fictional level of important bits.

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I got a book featuring this guys art, hes pretty crazy impressive. Specifically the book is titled "A Cabinet of Rarities".
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I'm looking at what it takes to make a backpack. Like, honestly curious how to make like your own backpack.
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Hahahahah i love these comics :)
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Whatcha do for inspiration thomas? The artistic sort? I prowl through pinterest.

But im also setting up some binders which im filling with printouts of art that i can lay flat infront of me on the desk to look at while sketching.

I have a bunch of arms and armors, i got a fat chunk of just buildings and architecture type stuff (my passionnn).

And, I also am going to setup a binder of just classic dnd art for personal reference.

Anyways, i feel cool. Also i cant draw people and need to learn how
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