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Because I had a Dream and I woke up feeling that "Someone" out there really needs the following information...
At this Very Dark time in human history it is Important Not To SILENCE that small voice inside you that tells you what the right thing to do is. If this small voice gives you a Twinge of guilt to warn you of what you should Do or Not Do, than the best thing is to follow the Good Advice. Remember Twinge of Guilt, the kind that leads you to do the right thing, Not Crushing Guilt that makes you feel worthless and depressed. If you follow the advice of this small voice, after the task is complete, you will have a sense of peace and inner joy, even if only for a short time because our busy lives cut feelings short, but it will be at least briefly confirmed or longer if you stop to enjoy it.
If you choose to ignore this inner voice and continue ignoring it as a pattern, the voice will one day Stop. You may think that good if you Silence this voice but it is not. This voice is a guide and is Very IMPORTANT! The Consequences for ignoring this voice are DIRE. It matters NOT what religion or lack of religion you are; You could be Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Pagan, New Age, Native American Religion or even an Atheist or Non-believer in an after life. It is listening to this Voice that counts. This inner voice comes to ALL humans on Earth. The inner voice is so Important to listen to, that ALL things hinge on your response to it. Because everyone ignores this voice our world is cruel and there is no kindness toward one another.

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I read this and the nice changes are for the Computer side of things only. So first I will wish the CIA computer people good luck. I hope you all are treated courteously. I was saddened to notice that there will no longer be a Clandestine Services at CIA. After seeing this quote; " we will rename the National Clandestine Service the Directorate of Operations, and the Directorate of Intelligence will be the Directorate of Analysis " I consider the end of Clandestine Services CIA confirmed. DCI Brennan I understand why you did what you did and best under the circumstances. I will miss Clandestine Services and the Great Brave men and women who did service in the Glory Years of the CIA and even many who most recently risked their lives in Clandestine Services like Gary Berntsen and Henry Crumpton. I still Honor and Remember people like Snoddy, Downey, Weeks, Fred W. Rustmann, Eric and Tom to name but a few. Sadly I now truly understand why you, CIA can not get us out from under the German boot of the EU. I saw how they Operate. I notice that the German Intelligence Service puts a person right on top of said politician or government official or Intelligence Operative, FBI and so on as such to Smother them so they can not make a move with out German approval. So I can only offer my sincerest of Sympathy. And people wonder why I wish for miracles because here Sagan does not comfort me very much. Times like these make me wish that God would fulfill EZ 34 and literally raise the army of the dead from the literal dead. With those that the Wall Of Honor represents brought back to life that would change the equation drastically in America's favor. I wish I could HUG you ALL both Retired and still working CIA. I send my Love to All of you both retired and still working, CIA. I wish just once life could be like the movies where some small tiny person of no significance like me could get these special Glasses or something like that and presto I can instantly SEE ALL the Evil "Moles" and be like Arnold Schwarzenegger and rescue you ALL both retired and still working CIA from ALL the Bad Guys. If this statement sounds silly remember I am only expressing a wish or desire of wanting you ALL to get free from German control. I want your Happiness. I just wish that I could help even though I know I can not which makes me sad.

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So True!!! The Ground Floor boys Really knew there stuff. Dulles and the Ground Floor crew did far more than stated here. This is the tip of the iceberg of All the goodness that the Ground Floor CIA did for America and it's People. Back then they had a very Loyal TRIBE atmosphere that is lost today and sadly no one notices the Great Loss to the CIA all the Reorganizations have done to the CIA. I have tried real hard and many different approaches to reach out to ALL CIA people both retired and still working to Wake ALL up to go back to the ways of those good old days but everyone keeps pushing the New way of joining this International where our CIA is merged and controlled by EU Internationalists rather than good old Americans. We continue to give up our Sovereignty slowly secretly and by degrees. Back then the CIA was a way of life. It was MORE than a career. The reason they were willing to take Risks was there was a real reason WORTH the Risks. Who is going to Risk for some Internationale where we are nothing but COGS in the big World Wheel having no SOUL?! The CIA was SPECIAL Back Then. We also protected the home front. The CIA did not just do ALL those cool things mentioned in this article but also things Not mentioned. The CIA was the Secret Glue that held America together with it's sister the Free Masons from the Private sector side. Inside the CIA was a world of Love and Loyalty. They really liked each other. For the most part each CIA person could not imagine Leaking the Secrets because a Friend and fellow CIA person could get hurt or killed. This was the way it was. Truth and Love did live in Langley! You guys used to be in the Field At Home as well as overseas. This was because back then you ALL understood that you needed to know and understand the Average American in order to protect us better. Americans knew that the CIA was Protecting them and responded accordingly. Today that Important connection between the Agency and the People is Broken because you forgot your First Love to we the American people which makes up this Nation State. This deadly separation caused a new Classicist attitude to arise where some see themselves as better than the common man. This is sad because America never had strong classicist roots. This comes from Europe and now we have taken on European traits which has divided the American people from our government, sadly including the CIA. I wish with ALL my Heart that the CIA would one day wake up and realize this Great truth and Rise out of the Ashes like the phoenix. If that day ever comes I will Know it. I fear the other problem, that what if it Never comes. What if your great calling and Lamp stand are removed followed by the "Order" to "Shake the Dust from the feet". That would be a DARK day in deed. CIA, you want that to NEVER Happen. Please get the Courage necessary to Not let that happen. I hope both retired and still working CIA take the time to read this and decode parts that are coded. I want the Love to return to the CIA.

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If I were rich I bet more people would listen to me and consider what I say as wise. I know for example the CIA listens to James Rickards because in his book called "The Death Of Money", he admits to being allowed up to 4th floor, in CIA HQ. The Military invited Mr. Rickards to play their version of role playing games, Ifees, what if scenarios. All these invitations because Mr. Rickards had a fat enough wallet. It did not matter that Mr. Rickards openly stated he was an internationalist who prefers the EU over America, just that his wallet was fat enough. So it got me to think..
If I were rich like Mr. Rickards I would be listened to as well. This would mean America as a nation could be saved. I could help heal and fix America as well. If I were rich I could get more people willing to help me with my Rustmann/ Berntsen Presidential campaign for 2016. If I were rich the entire Intelligence Community would be willing to hear what I have to say in both my articles "Mercy, Love and Healing, For The CIA" and "The way we Were, Ground Floor And Old Guard CIA". I could help Fred W. Rustmann, Elite Senior Intelligence Service CIA retired, fix and save the CIA. More people would read Mr. Rustmann's very important article called "CIA Harmed By Reorganization" if I were rich. I could speak to retired CIA and the working and say things in SECRET to help them. This would be allowed if I were Rich. And Civilians would really believe me just because I have lots of money, after all it is the civilian, private sector where wealth has it's strongest hold. If I were rich I could hold the first ever pro-CIA demonstration that would show the Agency people standing by them thus giving them the Courage to stand by us as well. To bad like my Favorite character in "Fiddler On The Roof" Tevia, I am not rich.

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I just got this in my E-mail from Robert Morton. Mr. Morton gives a very good article about the NSA spying. Robert Morton defends the NSA eloquently with the use of Sarcasm. Mr. Morton does state things directly as well. I will try to share this article.

The above should be a link to Robert Morton's article.

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To ALL CIA people both Retired and still working. I made this Photo Shop picture especially for YOU (CIA). I hope this warms all your hearts and boosts morale. My cousin helped me with the Photo Shop by teaching me how it works. The concept is mine and the labor I put into it. I wish the CIA will heal it self and rise out of the ashes like the Phoenix. Of course this new rising CIA will be Autonomous from politician control. Best wishes Loretta

I saw the NBC Snowden interview. Snowden still claims to be a whistle blower. I see him as a traitor. Snowden actually expects us to believe that he went to Russia empty handed with 1 terabyte of intelligence already given away to the press. Yet Russia took him in. Russia would not reward Snowden by allowing to stay empty handed. It is a given that Snowden handed all that intelligence to Russian Intelligence. Snowden claimed that he caused no harm to our Intelligence Community because no one died up to this time. Here Snowden insults the American peoples intelligence.

In the spy world an enemy Intelligence Service can have knowledge of who our people are on the ground and not promptly kill them. Some times they can wait years before killing the lists of Operatives. This is common in the world of spies. The enemy wait’s the best time to suit the enemy. Ten years from now many people can be suddenly killed because of their service in the American Intelligence Community because of the Snowden leaks. Everyone by then would have forgotten the Snowden leaks. Snowden would have gotten away with MURDER!!!
America is still being swallowed up in the EU, which means being put under German control and Snowden did not stop this from  happening So he did NOTHING heroic. Snowden admitted in the interview he is all for internationalism. Obviously Snowden does not put America First which is where America should be if you work for the Intelligence Community. Believe me, Russian Intelligence puts Russia First which is correct for them.

I can think of better examples of whistle blowers like the man who lost his job in the Pentagon trying to save our troops lives by exposing a flaw in the Humvee design. He had to fight the Pentagon for years. They finally changed to a better truck that protects a person from land mines better. He got his job back. I noticed that no one knows this REAL whistle blowers name. He saved lives. Yet the press never talks to this man. His name is NOT a house hold name in America but Everyone knows Snowden. What is wrong with this picture?

Then there are people like Fred W. Rustmann (SIS) who write books to get reform in the CIA. Again Mr. Rustmann does not expose secrets that would hurt anyone. Mr. Rustmann allows the CIA to Edit his works first. This is a kindness that Fred W. Rustmann does to protect CIA secrets. Mr. Rustmann has been known to POKE the Agency in attempts to get Reform but still no one Dies or is compromised in any way. Mr. Rustmann may have angered CIA people  but where it COUNTS Mr. Rustmann has NEVER caused Harm to the Agency, it’s Secrets or it’s people.

There is also my approach. I write articles hoping to get the Intelligence Community to notice, listen and fix things to improve the Intelligence Community. I try to appeal to the US Military as well. No one is hurt by my articles either. I am still a little person, living in America, Not Russia. I may annoy some people who disagree with me but I never hurt anyone. My point is; There are other ways to wake up the Military and Intelligence Community than to give away National Security Secrets. I would like to believe the CIA and the rest of the Intelligence Community and Military would rather deal and talk to me or someone like me, than have someone like Snowden who will cause lives to be lost.

Just because in this latest interview, Snowden put on a better face, does not make him a Saint. I still remember Snowden’s First interview with “The Guardian” where towards the end, Snowden bragged about knowing ALL our  on the ground personnel.  Snowden clearly let everyone know that he could have our entire on the ground Intelligence Operatives killed. I remember How Arrogant  Snowden was in that interview and how chilling it was. Now, Presto, Chango, the new Snowden who “Cares” for our Intelligence Community and is “Still Working” for that Community. I have trouble believing Snowden.

I wish people would realize that America is one Multi-Racial Family. An Attack on ONE is an attack on ALL!  Agencies like the CIA, FBI, NSA and so on, are to protect us little citizens, Not just Big Corporations. In return we the little citizens are to Rally around our Intelligence Community. It is a Give / Take relationship. Both Giving and Both Taking. We are to Help one another. The Weak, Old and sick are to be protected as much as the Strong. If we as a people do not wake up and start having a KIND and Merciful attitude towards one another, than we will wake up to an Unbearable Nation, a nation No One Can LIVE In! It does not matter if you have a Religion or are an Atheist, We must all Change our Bad Attitudes and act on that New Belief. We must, Unite as a people to HELP ALL!
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