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Look Ma!
      My 4 month late twice-yearly dental exam and cleaning is over!!! I am the proud owner of a cavity free set of chompers. And grateful. I actually thank God regularly for my teeth. Yes, I am serious. (Am I the only one who thinks that a single smiling t...

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How to survive in So Cal
     What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of California? Is it the Malibu coast? The pine topped mountain peaks? Maybe it is the Hollywood hills. However, if you happen to actually live here, you know there is more to California th...

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Family traditions
     What separates a cold sterile home from one that is filled with laughter and history? Traditions. It's the stuff memories are made of. Decorating the tree for Christmas. Nanas deviled eggs for Easter. Grammy's famous rolls for Thanksgiving. Uncle Frank...

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In honor of Mothers Day, I want to introduce you to a very
inspiring Mother. 8 × References
for Proverbs 31:26 · Cross
References Janelle is a friend from church and I have enjoyed getting to
know her through Facebook. I remember the first time I saw her.  ...

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  Punki Greene     I
met Punki while I worked at Apple Valley Christian School. I was a substitute
and she worked in the front office.   What
I remember most about her are three things, her love of Jesus, hilarious sense
of humor, and a great disdain of whi...

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Renee Grabiec
       Most people have the desire to be the center of attention, the person in the spotlight, the "star of the show." But there are others who are happy to help that star to shine. A person with the gift of helps is content to quietly get things done. She ...

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inspirational lady!

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     As I sat across from my new friend Niki, I couldn't help but be blessed by her. She was wearing a  head scarf to protect her tender scalp that was covered with the downy soft, hair regrowth that comes after chemotherapy. Quick to laugh, with a sparkle ...
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