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Pile up your sales in 90 days
Pile up your sales in 90 days


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Why is First Page ranking important in my Business?

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Hello guys welcome back,

I hope the earlier posts I made have been useful to you I received few questions and have answered them all. Please let me know if I forgot to answer anyone. So today am here to talk about first page rankings. Why is it important for your business?

Lets take an example lets say you are looking for "Toronto laundromats" and what people usually do is search for the keyword directly on Google but only 5% of people go beyond first page as most of them think websites in first page are real genuine ones.

Even if we take our case we don't search for websites much that are in 2nd page or the other pages. So your focus should be completely on ranking your business and niche into first page rather than any other pages because the others would not give you much benefits at all. 

I would also say top 5 results are the best for traffic why? Its proved so and even google admits that let me show you a small example of traffic. See this image below

This is a website where we sell SEO services which have over 100 unique visitors/day yes exactly 100 real unique visitors per day and the website is in first page for 5 keywords in top 3 results. You can see the traffic drop on "MAY 13" this was when we dropped down to 8th position in Google we had less than 50 traffic which is only half of our usual traffic. 

And our sales when done from 6-8/day to 3-4/day which isn't much difference if you think but if you are totally depending on your living from a site you are promoting that would be a big change. 

I know there are "SEO PRO's" who gives guaranteed first page rankings for your keywords and after some point of time they just vanish into thin air. There is no way to stop such people what I would recommend you is hiring someone who is famous and who is in business for long term and someone who can show real results. This guys may be little costlier than other numb nuts but I would say this people know their stuff.

Also always have a tracking software to track the rankings yourself because it makes things easier for you to see the your SEO is heading the right way.

What to do after first page in Google?

The important point to look for after first page see how sales are coming and see how sales are going down? You can easily understand this if you have access to google webmasters tool or search console as its called now by Google. Use google analytics tool as well to see where the traffic is coming from and which all pages people are navigating and in which page people leaves your website. This would help you to know which page to redesign or add more content to make it look better and attract the customers.

The point for all business is sales so for this we have to make our customers stay on page that they are visiting and make them understand what we offer and with our contents they should simply understand we are the best in top 10 results. For this I would highly recommend checking your competitors and see what they offer for the same keywords and how they differ. You can easily fix your pages which degrades your website traffic with technique. I would recommend doing this again and again until your bounce rate is less than 50% this.

I hope you already know what bounce rate is if you don't bounce rate is the average count of people living your website without browsing any other pages other than the homepage or the page you rank in Google. This means

more bounce rate = less sales of your products

To bring bring down bounce rate use my tips above and once the bounce rate is less you will see some awesome sales and results for your keywords. I know some part of the article is difficult to understand but free feel to write back to me as am always here to answer all your queries and help you with your rankings.
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Adwords PPC Marketing #adwords   #ppcadvertising   #ppc   #marketing   #marketingstrategy   #marketingonline  

Hello welcome back fellas this is my second tutorial for people who looking for help with internet marketing. Pay Per Clcik am sure most of you guys have already been familiar with this but what does this mean?? Pay Per Click is simply paying a big network like search engines to display your ad in them by offering them money for each click. 

Why PPC??? 

Many clients comes to us saying they want instant results or sales without waiting for two or three months to reach first page in Google and other search engines. So what we do is we offer them PPC service mainly advertising in Google.

Google adwords is one of the best in PPC marketing why?

Because more than 90% of people us Google to find any product or services they want. So just imagine yourself in first page of Google for your keywords doing nothing other than just few clicks and adding few dollars into adwords. Its the easiest way to get sales and fastest way to reach your customers to know that your website exist for a particular niche.

How to make adwords PPC campaign effective?

To start of with you should know what adwords does first? Adwords displays your ads for a website in Google first page or in their network of websites according to the bid you keep. The more amount you put for a website the higher you go in Google searches. 
So lets say we are trying to promote a “laundry shop in Ontario” as you know this is a local search keyword the first thing you should do is to find some keywords (only local ones of course that have “Ontario” in them). Once you have keywords see the bid to reach first page as its local niche it will usually be affordable ones. Mostly it will be less than 2$/click. Oh yes we have to pay 2$/click to get displayed on Google first page in this case. Note that the keyword competition and the amount of money other adwords campaigners put into this also decides the price of each keyword for first page. 

Best  Way To Get Income From adwords?

The best tested and working way to earn sales from your adwords campaign is simply to work on keywords that are targeted for sales. For example it would be always wiser to go for a keyword like “buy iphone 6 online” if you are an iphone 6 seller than just going for a keyword “iphone 6”. This is because when someone types “buy iphone 6 online” they are looking to buy iphone but the other one “iphone 6” usually people who search this are just there to see what “Iphone 6” have got in it. So if you are selling “iphone 6” it will never help you to sell even a single piee by toping in Google for a keyword like that. Try to avoid using such keywords as they will never give you sales but the earlier one “buy iphone 6 online” its a targeted one so you can at least few sales if you can find something more targeted. PPC experts call this find of keywords as “laser targeted ones” because they would get you sales instantly most of the time. Note that always PPC campaign would be successful only if you have three things

• A perfect landing page for your website
• Targeting the right keywords 
• Finding the best location to sell products 

I know this might be bit difficult to do all this things together but the best way is always to try and test things out and if results are good keep the same campaign running or else if you are having bad results just go head and keep changing the campaign until it starts showing off results. Don’t forget to right back if you have any questions to help you will adwords. Feel free to ask for help if you want to laser target your PPC and start getting some sales.
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How To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Hey fellas today am trying to explain how to solve the problem with driving traffic to your website and find the targeted audience for your website. I know this one is a tough question but the answers ain’t so tough because we already know only search engines and social medias bring real traffic to your website. 

Hell yeah am talking about Google,Bing and Yahoo to be frank I never consider ranking in Yahoo as only 2% of people who use internet work on this “piece of crap” sorry to call Yahoo so but its really a piece of crap now and soon its going to disappear too. Trust me when I say this because Google is making things really difficult for Bing and Yahoo they try to screw their competitors by giving out the best results each time when someone types in a keyword into it.

If you Google “temperature in Chicago” its directly gives out the temperature rather than asking you to visit any website. People love instant results and so this is why we all love Google so much. Bing on the other hand is trying to keep up but am sure Bing isn’t going to match up Google anytime soon. May be its going to happen in next century but who cares about future lets live in present. 
So now as we have made the point clearly here how can someone be on Google first page? Hahah yet another billion dollar question I have answer that question upto 60% here in this article. Read it and follow the steps am sure most of the people who is reading this are going to be happy with results. Rest who ain’t happy post a comment or contact me here so I can help you solve your problems out. 

Now how to get traffic from social medias? 

Social Media have constituted so much to our world as people are always happy to be with friends in a virtual network world we use social medias like facebook,twitter,instagram,vine etc for this. I personally got best results when I tried posting about a service which I tried promoting on similar pages. For example if I was trying to promote a website that sells baby cloths I would search and find websites,fanpages,twitter pages related to this and starting posting comments that means something and 100% real along with my link to my website. You know what if you do this job quiet well you are going to have some great results soon trust me just one share is enough to change the whole same. 

What would you do if your friend is sharing something interesting ???

You will definitely check the same product or website the guy shares on his profile or page or where ever its being promoted by the guy. For social media promotions its always necessary to keep the landing page so well that the customers or the people who ends up in the page is really interested to go through the page fully. Remember the traffic is always going to flow around just keep watching Google analytics or some traffic tracking tools to make sure you convert the traffic to sales.

I know there is certainly many questions thats going to arise in your mind after reading this article am always ready to answer here just write me here or email me personally along with your website lets together try to solve the problems out.   #traffic   #increase   #sales  
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Top 3 rankings for super high competition keyword with over 144 million search results anything is possible :)
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